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In A Digital Era, Compact & Affordable Equipment Offers On-Demand Binding For Professional Documents

Updated on April 18, 2016

Many modern offices aspire to go paperless, but there are still plenty of times when printing documents is crucial. Many clients still prefer hard copies, and there are times when employees may find it handy to have a physical book of procedures to look at. When regulatory bodies audit companies or individuals, they often expect to see a literal paper trail, not just a digital one. While cutting down paper usage is an excellent goal, there are times when some printing is needed.

The Downside Of Using Local Print Shops

Whether you need to make a report for a client or a procedural handbook for employees, a print shop or office supply store can produce professional looking, durable, spiral bound documents.

The main limitation to this approach is the time it takes to run out to drop off materials to be copied and finished. Often the hard copies of documents are finished just in the nick of time and the extra step of taking them out is inconvenient. If you find yourself printing less and needing fewer copies, you may not even get the volume discounts you did in the past, which makes your per copy costs higher.

The In-house Alternative

Many offices have gotten around this need for quick on-demand printing by doing the job in-house. As most offices have high quality color copier equipment, the ability to produce great output is already just a few steps away.

Having coil binding equipment to complete the job on-site as well can save additional time and money without compromising quality. Without this type of equipment on site, what typically happens is that you try to keep papers together by punching and inserting them into three hole binders, report covers, or folders. Coil or spiral binding results in an attractive, compact product that keeps everything together, and is easy to open and turn the pages back on each other for easy use.

Your business might also have the need for updatable resources. Think about employee handbooks or tax regulations where you need to be able to replace outdated information with up-to-date materials without reprinting the whole book. While coil binding has many advantages, replacing pages can be tricky and you will need to go to your print shop that has the proper equipment. In-house coil binding equipment allows you to quickly remove the coil, add your pages, then reinsert the coil.

New Options Make In-House Coil Binding Feasible

Until recently, coil binding equipment was large and costly, which made it outside the realm of many small companies with a periodic need for binding services. For small jobs, they may have resorted to an inexpensive comb binding system which offers output that opens flat but can’t be conveniently turned back upon itself. Recently, desktop size coil binding equipment has come on the market, causing small businesses to reassess their interest in having a handy way to create professional looking documents in-house.

When digital files are not the answer, in-house printing and coil binding offers a fast, affordable alternative for on-demand documents.


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