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Income Earners Must Prepare For Shift

Updated on March 10, 2015

There is a shift in the way men/women make money today. Back in the early days, before the 90’s, making money meant going out to get a job.

What in the world does it mean to shift?

There is a shift in the way men/women make money today. Back in the early days, before the 90’s, making money meant going out to get a job. For the risk taker, it meant opening a business or investing in real estate or stocks. I remember when I was younger I could snap my finger and get a job in just about any sector of the job market. For most men they could go to a factory, fill out an application, and then start work the very next week.

Those days are gone. Today, most of those factories and mom and pop shops are almost gone completely. Loyalty to a company and vise versa no longer exists. Technology has caused businesses to downside. Businesses no longer need the manpower they once needed before advanced technology overtook our world. Factories have taken the biggest hit in the new economy. In every major metropolitan area there are closed factories. Many of them converted into condominiums or storage facilities. Of the few that remain, robots do the majority of the labor and a whole floor only requires 2 or 3 guys to operate it. I did a temp job a while back to make some extra cash and it surprised me to see that two men operated an entire wing of a factory, where years ago it would have needed a minimum of 40 men to do the same work.

What is this shift then? There is a shift in the way people earn an income these days. But in order to adjust to this shift there needs to be a simultaneous mental shift. This shift in generating an income means one would have to adapt to the new way of making money.

Today, go online and you will find that people are using specific skillsets to produce an income. For example, you can go to a website and sell your skills as a graphic designer who works on contract only. The website funnels all the work to you. Likewise, if you need graphic design work done, you pick and choose the designer that appeals to you the most. It’s a win-win situation.

As an online contractor the designer can stay consistently busy if he markets himself well and he does a good job. Also, because the person doesn’t have to leave their home they can do the job for virtually less than minimum wage, but that doesn’t matter because he is consistently busy while he keeps his expenses at a minimum.

Businesses are no longer loyal to employees. Gone are the days of working for a company until you retire. I have seen more people laid off in their latter years than ever before. I've met a few of them and they are at a loss for words as to what they are going to do for an income because working for someone else is all they have ever known.

A few of these people feel comfortable working for someone else to get a paycheck and because they are they have the difficult task of finding another job that can match the income level that took years to build. Most of those guys admit to having to start all over again at the bottom of the pay grade in a whole new career. This is a disheartening step backwards.

The other shift that is happening is the shift in hiring workers. Businesses know that they can find cheaper labor by hiring on a contract basis. These companies are using those online services to outsource some of their tedious tasks that nobody in the shop can or is willing to do. Thus enter the online contract worker they found online. Saving money on a job that can be outsourced trumps loyalty every time.

For those of you with specific skillsets, if it is marketable online, then you have literally hundreds of ways to make money online. As of March 2015 there are over 100 sites dedicated to freelance workers or online contractors. I myself have joined up to be a contract writer where I offer writing services for blogs, I write advertisements, video scripts, content for websites, and even write for online magazines. I watched a video the other day about a guy, who after 15 years as a loyal employee, was laid off because they just couldn't afford to keep him on. This man took his newly found talent as a voice over artist sells his services online and has managed to replace his income within a short period of time.

This shift in creating an income requires a shift in mindset. It is possible to generate an income using technology but it requires a little bit of coaching, direction, and a point in the right direction.


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