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Increase Your Sales Conversions By Creating Compelling Landing Pages

Updated on June 16, 2013

Stay On Target With Well Designed Landing Pages

Great landing page design helps you target just the right customers for reliable conversions.
Great landing page design helps you target just the right customers for reliable conversions. | Source

Optimize Your Landing Pages For Targeted Results

Impress Your Potential Customers At First Glance

Making a great first impression is the number one goal when designing the landing page of your website. When a visitor sees your landing page, the decision to stay and explore or move on is made within a few seconds, if that.

It is important that your landing page not be too complicated and that it provide immediate relevancy to the keywords used to find it. You can keep your landing page invitingly simple and user friendly with good choices in form, font size, copy and design. Great headlines and excellent, valuable content provide relevancy.

Avoid overstuffing your landing page with unnecessary company information. Your goal is not to get your potential customer to learn all about your company. Remember that this page is for the purpose of selling your product or service. It should be easy to scan and comprehend with clear, short, bullet-pointed lists and paragraphs that make good, pertinent use of your keywords. This will keep your visitors focused.

Draw Your Visitor In With Value

Once your visitor has decided your landing page is attractive and interesting, you must offer something of great value to help him or her decide to explore your product or service. You need a truly compelling call to action that will get the visitor to commit in exchange for something tangible. For example, you could offer a demo or a whitepaper.

Be sure to set it up so that your customer must provide you with basic contact information in order to get your valuable offer. Do not require a lot of information at this point because this will reduce your rate of conversions.

Entice Your Customer To Agree To Hear From You

An opt-in feature is perfect for obtaining basic customer contact information. Ask your visitor to provide first name and e-mail address and to confirm the opt-in by clicking a link in the confirmation e-mail you will send. In this way, you can be sure you have been provided a valid e-mail address.

In your confirmation e-mail, you can ask for more information to help you determine exactly how you can best serve your new customer. Be sure to include a prominent link to your privacy policies to ensure your new customer that you will handle all information confidentially.

Over-Deliver Value By Including A Great Offer

When you receive the opt-in confirmation and additional information from your new customer, deliver your promised offer. Send your customer the whitepaper or other incentive by e-mail along with a friendly and pleasant note of thanks. This should also contain a link to a valuable offer, such as a percent-off coupon code. This sort of offer will get your new customer started off on the right foot with your product or service. It will also help you keep good track of your conversion rate.

Keep Close Track Of Your Conversion Rate

Click paths may also be used to get implicit information, such as your potential customer's industry. To do this, you would add a little focused navigation on the left hand side of your landing page. This would consist of a list of industries to which your potential customers are most likely to belong. When the customer clicks on the link to his or her industry, a more specifically targeted landing page will become available.

Additionally, your landing page should contain obscured fields that will obtain implicit information about your visitors. In this way, you can gather valuable data about the keywords and search engines used to locate your landing page.

Remember That Simple Landing Pages Sell

Keep your graphics simple, to the point and pertinent. For example, you could have an image of the cover of the whitepaper you have on offer along with a clear, descriptive caption. Potential customers could click this image to get additional information about the offer without being taken away from the landing page. Brief interactive features such as quick video or audio clips can also keep your visitor engaged.

You believe that you should leave your navigation in place so that the customer will explore your website, but this is not really a good plan. Remember that your landing page is specifically intended to draw attention to your product or service. For this reason, you do not need to include site navigation on this page. You want your visitor to stay and look at this page, pay attention to the call to action and become a paying customer. If your potential customer gets distracted by your site navigation, you are sure to lose sales.

Provide one or two good links to your homepage that the customer can use after thoroughly examining your landing page and acting on your call to action. For example, you could have a link to your homepage imbedded in your logo, and you could have discreet footer navigation that the customer can use if he or she chooses. These two links will inform your customer that there is more to explore without detracting from your offer. They will also help increase your search engine rankings.

Create Lots Of Landing Pages

When you have multiple ad groups, you must create an inviting, pertinent, valuable landing page for each group. In this way, you can give each of your keywords excellent coverage. For this reason, it is quite possible you will have a hundred landing pages or more. This may seem like an awful lot of work, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you can efficiently create multiple landing pages that pay off in excellent conversion rates.



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