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Increase in your pay rate

Updated on August 28, 2012

With the way the economy is now, as an employee a pay raise is always something to look forward too. After working so many years with a company and having a steady pay rate for a while, it can really make one wonder why they haven't given a raise in a long time. Sometimes it can be the budget of the company for the most part.

Recently the place where I work at gave us all a small raise but to us all a raise is raise whether it is just a few cents. We were all happy because it is good to have that extra income coming in especially with all the bills and debts that some of us have probably gotten. How is your expression when you see that raise on that check? I know my face was happy.

Then I saw the part of the check that we all don't like to see, the part of the taxes being taken out. There goes probably half my check but I guess the good thing is we get a little bit of the taxes back when it comes to income tax time. Another thing is the insurance that gets taken out, health, dental and vision insurance. But the one thing that really gets me down is the idea of health insurance going up again like it does every year. So we can only enjoy the raise for only a little bit.

But on the positive side we got a raise and isn't that all that matters for the most part. It is always good to that extra money to use when you know you need it the most. How happy do you get when you get that raise?


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