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Increase your bottomline: How to promote and sell yourself in the marketplace

Updated on March 8, 2011
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Discover and leverage your Unique selling point

I read an interesting article, but can't remember where. Bur the key idea i the article was that there are two things we do in every work. To solve problem (s) and to relate with the customer (s). You can see the I've deliberately put the words problem and customer in the plural forms. No wonder it i said that if you can solve a problem and you have even one customer then you re in business, This is the first and fundamental reason for any business. How effective you are in doing this will determine your profit?

In life and in the field of work we are in the position to satisfy customers - internal or external customers. Let look at some examples, if you are employed in an organisation you have internal customers those you work directly with and external customers those you satisfy due to the problems you solve for them by your through your product or services. .

Again, if you are looking to work for an organisation you need to be able to sell your skills and abilities to the employer so as to convince them why they should give you the job.

In these scenarios, you can promote your self through the words you write or speak. Words are very powerful and they can kill or make alive. In the same way words have the potential to give you that opportunity for an interview in case you are looking for a job or impress on customer to but form you and not from your competitors. Great marketers and sales peole know this and throgh that they increase their bottom line.

These article will suggest ways to become more intentional in the words you use to promote yourself, products and services in the market place so that people can invest in your business.

Know how to write your personal promise

Whether you are an organisation or an individual you should be able to assert your role in the market place. You should be able to answer these questions:

Who you are

How you do it

What you do

Sell it and don't Tell it

This is the same idea about writing. You are asked to show and don't tell. In a nutshell it means that your focus should be on the benefit of your product or service not feature. In telling you are saying foe example:

" Look at us"

To sell it you have to say this:

" Here's what we (I) [as the case may be], do for you."

The customer (s) want to be satisfied - they have a need, desire, want, and it's your role to satisfy them. Unless you have insight into their problem and how to commnicate your innovation them you'll not profit from their custom.

How can you do this?

There is an acronym in sales call FAB. This means Features Analysis and Benefit.

Imagine that you have a new product. The form is the design and different elements of the design perform particular function. The whole form is the make up the feature of the product design. But people don't buy feature they buy into benefit. What will your product do for them ? Or what can you offer to an employer.

So whether you are selling a new product, service or skill set in the market place you need to sell your value and benefit - your unique selling point

How do you define benefit? A benefit is anything your customer perceives as valuable or worthwhile. In what way (s) will the product or service make the life of the customer easier.

You can communicate the importance by using details - numbers, names, achievement, outcomes, volume of sales or savings and size of contract. You need to be specific here.

Here are a list of benefits from Andy maslen (2007); Write To Sell: The Ultimate Guide to great Copywritng:

  • Save money
  • Make money
  • Make your moey go further
  • Save time
  • Get a Hollywood smile
  • Enjoy more life
  • Be healthy
  • provide for your family
  • Keep your family safe
  • Help your children learn
  • Make friends
  • Gain respect
  • Get promoted
  • Cut down on waste
  • stay on the right side of the law
  • Be happy
  • Get your dream home
  • Get your dream holiday
  • Gain peace of mind
  • Lose pounds
  • Get perfect figure
  • Sleep peacefully every night
  • Stop worrying about debt

You can also make your benefits to be NIB - Noble, Immediate Basic

Noble benefit - this is where you choose your words deliberately to target more savvy customers. .For example customers with interest in Wildlife could support charities dedicated to this cause. Writing your copy to target these customers will make you to focus on Noble benefits.

"Imagine how history will judge you, that you are one of those that supported our save the Kiwi campaign."

Who do you think will be interested in this line?

Immediate benefit describe the immediacy of the benefit.

"Free delivery service - saves time and stress free"

People will buy in if they love life of pleasure as opposed to pain

Basic benfit

How do you satisfy the basic need of your customer? What motivates them to buy? For example a holiday company that want to target rich people for a package holiday, will need to write as to target this group.

"Exclusive holiday heaven for the rich and powerful"

Who do you think wil take notice?

Next time you want to communicate to your customers you need to choose your word wisely so a to achieve a particular outcome.

What have you learned recently about your yourself or organisation, product or service and how it has impacted your customer relations dynamics?


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