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Increase your productivity by overcoming these mental roadblocks

Updated on September 23, 2015

"I'll just do it later"

We all know how it goes: you don't feel like doing all the work you need to do, so you procrastinate.

You postpone, because there's always later. But then later rolls around, and your friends or your significant other demand your attention and time - be it for doing something fun, or because some emergency popped up. And you have a hard time saying no, and you think "what's the harm in postponing something even further?" - and before you know it, it's a month later and you still haven't done it. Or, even worse, you will have to begin saying no to friends and family, isolating yourself more and more because you keep procrastinating. Don't be that person. Accept the reality that things will come up and demand your time when you haven't planned for them, and (that's right!) plan ahead. Get your work done *now*, or *today* rather than later or tomorrow, and this will give you the chance to take personal time when you need it.

"Something will happen, somehow"

It's easy to sit back and dream about what the future will bring, imagine yourself being successful and doing all the things you always wanted to do. It's much harder to actually do the work that is required to make those dreams a reality. Sit down with yourself and accept this: things don't just magically happen on their own (not most of the time, anyway). You have to work towards them, giving it your all and keeping an open mind along the way. If you start working towards your goals, opportunities will pop up along the way.

"I should just give up"

So you've tried working on something, but it's just not working out the way you wanted to. Maybe you've set your expectations too high. Maybe you didn't realize how long it would take, or where your skill level was. Or maybe you forgot to factor in unexpected things messing up your plan. Whatever the challenge, view it as that: a challenge. Success doesn't always come quickly or easily, and sometimes it takes dogged determination to make something happen. So give yourself a pep talk, refocus, and get back down to business. If you put in the work, results will show, even if not immediately.

"Everything is ruined!"

Things don't always go according to plan. Sometimes an unexpected expense happens, or you suddenly come down with the flu and are unable to function for a week. Or sometimes that craving is just overpowering and ruins your diet. Don't sweat it. It's ok. We're human and this is part of life - life is messy. Accept it when it happens, and regroup. There is always a way to make things work, you just have to push your creativity and trust your brain to be able to come up with a solution.


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