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Industrial Ovens In Bakeries

Updated on July 10, 2011

Industrial Baking Ovens

Baking ovens are major equipment for any bakery process.Dough or batter are passed through oven to get baked products . Different baking ovens  are used  for various bakery products such as  we have different ovens  for bread , pizza ,cakes  , biscuits  and wafers biscuit . The wet dough are either kept on mould or trays during baking process and are static  or  they travel into oven during baking process . Some products like biscuits , cookies , swiss rolls  all have multiple zone ovens where they pass through different heating zone as per requirement in traveling oven s.Oven s are provided  with  steam extraction fans  , circulating fans   ,  burners , chimneys , temperature indicators , controllers , tracking systems , drive , fuel system , oven bands  etc. Oven selection are done on number of parameters such  height , width , fuel , type of heating , type of product , automation and capacities

Baking Ovens  are  of various types used for baking breads , cookies , biscuits , cakes ,pizza and cream rolls. Baking Times varies by products  and sometime s even by ingredients quality . Operators have to then manipulate Oven speed and temperature parameters to get the right baking  in normal conditions  baking times  are standardised for each product . Working environment can be improved  around these bakery ovens through proper insulation .

Oven classifications are done as per

Physical Characteristics

  •    Rack  Oven / Deck Oven
  •    Rotary Rack oven
  •    Traveling  Oven
  •    Tunnel  Ovens
  •    Swing Tray Ovens
  •   Con Tray  Ovens
  •   Manual Loading
  •   Automatic Loading


  •  Direct  Heating ovens
  •    Indirect  Heating Ovens
  •   Hybrid Ovens
  •   Convection
  •   Radiation

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  •    Top  Loading Ovens
  •    Front Loading

Fuel Used

  • Diesel  Ovens
  •  Gas Ovens
  •   Electric Ovens
  •   Infra red

Wire Bands

  •   Articulated Wire  bands
  •    Flat Steel bands
  •    Modular bands

Length or Width

  •   Single/Double/Triple rack Oven
  •   1.5 mtr  Band width Oven
  •   1.2mtr Band width Oven
  •    1.0 mtr Band width Oven
  •    0.8 mtr Band width Oven
  •    4/5/6/7/8 Zone Ovens

As Per Design

  •    Mark III Oven
  •   TRP   Ovens
  •   Mark II  Ovens

Tension Arrangement

  •    Pneumatic
  •    Mechanical


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    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      Industrial ovens are reactivate glue and other fuse materials jointly and preheat, dissolve and coat other materials. Too much heat and mass is needed for such processes.Industrial ovens are nice to use in bakeries.

    • profile image

      JohnSmith 6 years ago

      Industrial ovens are used for the removal of solvents from different products that are in process.Nice blog having lots of information's on Industrial ovens.Keep Sharing more and more.

    • profile image

      Karamson Engineering Corporation 6 years ago

      Really industrial ovens are useful in bakeries. We also offer conveyorised ovens, industrial ovens, furnaces & heaters.