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Influencing your Boss for a Pay Rise

Updated on February 16, 2012


Economies are facing challenges financially and this is affecting families. Bills are getting higher, some people are even taking pay cuts to avoid losing their jobs altogether, but wouldn’t you rather be asking for a pay rise?

Did you know that even though things are so tight, there are still lots of Companies who are making Millions in profits? So, there is still hope.

How do you influence your Boss for a Pay Rise?


a) Don’t just be Punctual.

Arrive much earlier than your contracted start time. Bosses never miss things like that and will make a mental note of how dedicated you are.

b) Be keen or pretend to be keen.

After finishing a task, always ask the boss if there is anything else you can help with. However, avoid asking an hour before your closing time, as the task could take you more than an hour and you might have kids to look after or other commitments.

c) Offer to make a Drink.
If you are making a coffee or tea, ask the boss if he/she would like one or some water. This would be appreciated. Bosses are usually glued to their desks and hardly have time to make drinks.

d) Offer help to Colleagues.
Offer to give colleagues support, if they have a lot on and you are free. Be nice. Always have a good rapport and a smile on your face. That way, no one will have a bad word to say about you to the boss and even if someone tries to, others will immediately jump to your defence. This puts you in a good light before the Boss.

e) Know your office equipment.
You will be surprised to know the amount of people who can’t sort out a photocopier when it’s jammed or who don’t even know how to change a toner cartridge for a fax machine or small printer. Ensure you know how to use all or most of the office equipment effectively, so that when it breaks down, everyone comes looking for you. Ha ha. That’s what I call being “indispensable”. (◕‿◕)


Hopefully, the tips above will earn you the respect of your boss and colleagues. If you don’t get a voluntary pay rise, then ask for one. Your boss would feel bad about saying “no” and will most likely consider at least a small payrise or a “one off” Bonus.



Ps. I am sorry I have closed this to comments. In the last few days, Hubpages have unpublished 2 of my Hubs.(Last year, I edited them when unpublished, but they weren't republished). This means people can’t access the Hub, if they want to go back to it and if they have shared it, people can’t open it. Also, if I reply to comments, Hubbers will not see it. An issue affecting many Hubbers....

You can still rate the article. I appreciate you taking time to read it. I hope to include the comments box again soon, hopefully... when they stop unpublishing my Hubs.

Thanks, Elena.



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