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Information Technology in Dubai – Its Impact on People and Lifestyles

Updated on March 31, 2016

Dubai is among the first few cities of the world to embrace information technology on a major scale. The result is we see computers and software driving life seamlessly in this city’s development. Information technology in Dubai is the single largest factor that makes living in this city so pleasant and easy.

The impact of Information technology in Dubai is enormous and the major changes can be seen in the working of industries such as banking, healthcare, transport, municipal administration, governance, judiciary, shipping, air transport and infrastructure development. As a result of the proactive approach to information technology, the city of Dubai is able to attract large scale investment most of which gets channelized to bring a better lifestyle to its citizens.

Here is how information technology in Dubai is changing the lifestyles of typical Emiratis.

  1. Banking Industry – Dubai is reputed to have one of the finest banking systems in the world and as a result of a commendable banking system; it is able to attract businesses from all over the world. The result is that people who have need for banking don’t have to visit their bank branches for transacting business. Households and businesses these days are able to perform better and in smarter ways by using information technology.
  2. Retailing and Shopping – Gone are the days when the people of Dubai had to travel miles wading through heavy traffic to do some shopping. Information technology in Dubai now makes it possible to buy goods and services online. It is nowadays a common practice to order goods over the internet and get goods delivered at customers’ doorsteps. The result is Dubai now has an excellent logistic industry that works with clockwork precision.
  3. Logistics and Transportation: One of the first few industries to be impacted by information technology in Dubai is the transportation industry and more particularly the air transport industry. It is now possible to order air tickets, taxi services and luxury sea-bound services sitting before a computer. This has not only made life easier for its citizens but also has made it possible for travel services to extend their services with greater efficiency and precision. For the consumers it means access to more service providers and cheaper options.
  4. Governance in Dubai – The Government of Dubai is among the earliest governments around the world to take to information technology for administering its territories efficiently. As a consequence, most citizens choose to pay their utility bills online itself. Citizens are now able to request telephone, electricity and other municipal services over the internet. This saves a lot of time for Dubai’s citizens. There is no chaos or innumerable documents to carry around and hours to wait at billing counters. The result again is efficiency even with a reduced workforce.
  5. Education and Information Technology in Dubai – Education in Dubai has benefitted like no other sectors. It is nowadays quite common for students to access information and study materials over the internet. Some better placed schools in Dubai are extensively using webinars and digital lessons to deliver education in schools. Information technology in Dubai has reduced the need for more teachers and at the same time has made it possible for students to learn from home at their pace and leisure. This is especially true in institutions of higher learning.
  6. Real Estate in Dubai – Realty is one of the biggest driving forces of Dubai’s economy. It has some of the finest properties and buildings most of which are high rise structures. Constructing such mammoth properties would have been virtually impossible considering that they require exclusive management skills that can only be delivered through the use of information technology.
  7. Hospitality Industry in Dubai – The use of information technology in Dubai for maintaining its hospitality industry is legendary. Walk to any hospital or hotel and you will find that most functions are accomplished using computers on a massive scale. From patient information to room booking in hotels, information technology will be there in Dubai. That is not all to it either; information technology in Dubai has made it possible for drug stores to deliver medication at the patients’ doorsteps on time. The overall impact is that people find it easier to access critical information without having to spend time by making enquiries in hospitals.
  8. Information Technology in Career Building – Information technology in Dubai finds wide application in the career development sector. It is now possible for any person around the world and more particularly for the people of Dubai to find and apply for a job around the clock sitting in the comfort of their home. Dubai, it should be remembered is one of the most preferred destination for most jobseekers in Asia and many parts of Europe. Employers too benefit from the impact of information technology in Dubai. They are nowadays able to find first-class employees on a worldwide basis at competitive prices.

The fallout of information technology in Dubai is the massive influx of software companies for servicing the IT infrastructure. This in turn has turned Dubai into a major hub for the information technology industry itself.


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