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Innovation in Entrepreneurship–Nine Tips for You

Updated on October 24, 2012

When you hear the term innovation what first comes into your mind? In most cases innovation is associated with entrepreneurship. There is no doubt that innovation plays a major economic role. The power of innovation is something that has enabled us to have more choice of products. You do not have to wonder how somebody was creative in creating his/her new business idea that has now become a successful business worldwide, instead you should think about what you can also innovate.

Young people are encouraged to be innovative. Their innovations will not only provide solutions to problems in the society but they will also enable them to provide jobs for themselves and to others who are jobless. It is true that through innovations by entrepreneurs many people have managed to secure jobs. For instance, how many people are employed by Google, Facebook or Apple Company? What about Microsoft Company?

Why do some people stick to the same old ways? Why do they leave what they are capable of changing to remain the same way? Is it because of fear? Entrepreneurs do not continue doing the same thing just because it is working, instead they always innovate new ways. Some of the companies have been forced to shut down because they lack innovation.

Below Are Nine Tips for You

1.) It takes time to realize your creativity. Everybody has a unique potential of innovating things. It is only that we do not take the time to realize what we can innovate. We have not explored our minds fully. If you want to remain competitive in today's world in your profession, you should learn something new regarding it. Basically, practice is necessary before you perfect the new things you have learned.

2.) Do not listen to what a pessimist tell you. Listening to negative remarks from pessimists will crush your innovative ideas. Do not waste a lot of time trying to explain your business idea to people because they will not understand. Take your time to explain it to those people who are willing to help you in making it a success.

3.) Allocate some time in your innovation. I do not mean that you resign from your full–time job. What I mean is that time management skills will help you balance between your job and your entrepreneurship venture.

4.) Do not overwork your body. Running or jogging will help you to release endorphins. This makes your mind fresh therefore creating room for you to create new ideas.

5.) Write down your dreams. Dreams are extraordinary as compared to what we think in real life situations. Your dreams are a sketch illustration of your untapped potential. Therefore, you have to write them down.

6.) Be unique. Your innovation will be appreciated if you put it into a reality in your own way.

7.) Make proper use of the available capital, tools, raw materials, machines and labor. Did you know that J.K Rowling in 1995 used an old manual typewriter to type the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone manuscript?

8.) Entrepreneurship requires passion. It is easy for a determined person who has passion to success than it is for a person with talent but who lacks passion. You do not have to do what you do not feel like doing. Passion will give you the strength to do what you want to achieve without complaining.

9.) Finally, inspiration is necessary. Inspiration comes at the opportune moment and not by forcing it. Therefore, you should carry a pen and paper with you all the time so that you write down an idea as soon as it strikes.

These are just some of the tips that can help you mold your innovation skills. What else do you know? Share it below!


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