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Innovative business ideas in agriculture

Updated on February 24, 2014

Forgoing traditional agricultural techniques, and focusing on niche products, and bold and innovative techniques, you can create a very attractive business from the point of view of profitability. The gourmet products are an example of what begins to be interesting in agriculture, but there are other products that are highly profitable.

Thinking that 80% of the world population will live in cities by 2030 and knowing that the economic and environmental costs of food production in the field are increasingly high (transport emissions, pesticides and so on), the idea of producing food on place of the consumption - in cities - comes to represent a huge field of opportunities for innovative business models.

Urban agriculture is a global trend. Understand why the future of food consumption is in local production and how to seize opportunities in the sector. In fact many cities such as Montreal, Zurich, New York and Berlin already have their farms growing food.

How can agriculture be a profitable business?

Today, despite the risks and barriers, agricultural activities can mean profitable business. However, one can not forget that all profitable trades are based on an excellent strategy and therefore you should not neglect it.

If you think that by investing in agriculture is free of business plans or marketing, you're wrong. These activities being considered as profitable businesses require investment of time and money in areas such as strategic marketing and sales.

It is no use you get into the business of agriculture, if you can not sell your products, and it is precisely here that some investors fail. If you want a profitable business, establish an effective and thought out business plan and develop strategies to help you achieve your goals.

And why are agricultural activities profitable businesses? Agriculture is the most important sector of an economy. All people need to eat and therefore, agriculture is and always will be the first sector.

Organic mushroom production

Mushrooms are fruiting bodies of some groups of fungi that are formed under favorable environmental conditions and can be classified into edible and poisonous. Approximately 700 species of edible mushrooms are known and of these some have medicinal use.

Edible mushrooms are high quality foods because they are rich in protein and carbohydrates, easily digestible, and have little or almost no fat. Its production is driven by the very high prices paid by the market.

The production of mycelia is still embryonic, being an activity with little information available, and without much support at the level of suppliers, intermediaries and customers, but is highly rewarding when the associated flow circuitry (especially export) and is currently an interesting culture, at the level of family farming.

Strawberries cultivated in greenhouses

Cultivated in greenhouses through an aeroponic system, a cultivation technique in which plants are suspended in the air, yields three times more than the traditional method (in the soil), it also represents a huge saving in terms of water consumption.

Urban bio-nutrients recycling companies

Urban agriculture also requires large-scale fertilizers in order to be productive, and where we will find these nutrients?

They have to be transported for miles from the farm to the city? If we apply the concept of "cradle to cradle" the answer is much more interesting, the recycling of bio-nutrients from organic waste of the city itself is the most logical solution. Turning waste into fertilizer, closing the loop by integrating food production in cities and recycling organic waste.

But there are few examples of urban bio-nutrients recycling companies. How to do this on a large scale and ensuring quality standards and providing for future urban farmers? Great challenge for new entrepreneurs looking to have a great deal of growth potential and ambitious purpose.

Blueberries production

Blueberries have a wide range of applications in the food context, such as juices, jellies, jams, syrups, etc. With scientifically proven medicinal benefits, such as cholesterol, blood circulation, and especially the health of eyes.

There are still a few places for support, and the flow of the production. Due to its characteristics, is a very fragile berry, and relatively time-consuming manual harvesting, as positive points, we can point to the hardiness of the plant (shrub) and the high selling price of the fruit, especially if packaged and intended for the international market.

If you know of compensatory possibilities of disposal in your area for this product will be a crop to consider, it can be a chance to occupy marginal lands.

With technologies evolving, agriculture will also take advantage of innovations that will and are being made in this field.

It is possible to control the devices you have at home with a phone for sure that one day farmers will be able to control the amount of water and light their plants receive.

As the food will always be need for the existence of the human race, I think it is an area where investors should turn up.


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