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Inside Office happy for England

Updated on April 10, 2016

Online travel company Expedia has just been voted the Glassdoor is happiest working environment of England. Glassdoor is a website of the United States of America in 2008 with the aim of assessing the work environment and the people who manage these companies all over the world from the reviews of the company staff. The employees of Expedia received multiple incentives make them happy as travel insurance worth from $ 10000 to $ 8151 for most senior employees work from 12 to 18 months. On the photo is outside Expedia Office in London, nothing too special in comparison to other buildings.

When on the inside everything gradually more pronounced. The wall behind the reception desk hangs the whole photo of the employees in the company. Everyone is traveling all over the place thanks to the generous travel insurance money.

Like many other technology companies, employees can play Ping-Pong.

Especially the room simulation of formula one.

There is also the popular game types such as Xbox and Playstation. The two teams are playing the FIFA. "What we're trying to built in Expedia is making people feel like the kids to identify in a sand box, safe for children", Technology Director Liz Estaugh said.

The staff even built the GPS carts to bring bread and wine going around the Office. The vehicle can be controlled with an iphone, have the ability to identify obstacles to avoid.

Employees have the hours of entertainment with beer and cocktails, at people can chat and joke. Part of the Office's large terrace. "The rooftop terrace is great in the summer, though you have sunburn", a specialist working in the company said. "Every month we all had drinks night on Thursday, when the whole company up the terrace at 5 pm to about 8:30 dinner".

You are not required to sit on the desk he stinks, 10 a day. If needed, you can stand up to relax by table or the roof to breathe. That help employees work more efficiently. Even, on the lunch tables also have mounted ipad available to serve the entertainment.

As a global company, our employees are always ready to work to get the midnight calls. By that, the relax in the daylight hours are very important.

Every meeting room in the company have different decoration styles under the theme nicely.


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