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Simple Mistake Causing You To Fail The ASVAB-Inside Tip For Joining The Military

Updated on October 27, 2012

How To Pass The ASVAB By Guessing

In my last article I gave a pretty good list of things to do that would help you join the Air Force by passing the ASVAB. What I realized later is that I forgot to mention a very important strategy or maybe just something to remember when taking the ASVAB.

Now this won't apply to everyone because most people who take the ASVAB already do this, but you would be surprised by the number of people who make this very fatal ASVAB testing mistake.

okay, I'll stop beating around the bush.


Yes I know it sound very simple and maybe even silly to some but this is actually very important. The reason is because, the score you receive will be based on the questions you get correct.

This means that if you do not answer the question than you have a 100% chance of not getting that particular question correct. Actually answering the question, even if it means that you have to guess increases your chances of getting the answer right over not answering it all.

Get my point. So when in doubt try to narrow the question as far as possible by eliminating the questions that just don't seem to fit and then take your best guess.

Hope that helps.


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