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The Most Inspiring Entrepreneur Business Success Stories Ever

Updated on February 23, 2011

Be Inspired to Greater Success

As a "self-employed" web business entrepreneur, its important to stay on track both by taking action and by getting inspired by others who have achieve their own success.

I have collected these stories from success new entrepreneurs and advice from those who have made it big by walking the talk. I sincerely hope that this hub page will be as help for you as they were and will be for myself. Please enjoy. 

An eBay Success Story "from $800 to 3.3 Million in 3 years"

Continuous Learning is the Way of the Successful Entrepreneur

To achieve anything of value we eventually need to start from zero and start learning from someone or somewhere. In my case I first started with books and then went on to sieve through the haystacks of online information to find the proverbial "needle" of success tips.

Here are some of the books and online information that was helpful to get me started. In retrospect reading the success stories of home web business owner like myself was important, in that it gave me the confidence to persevere and overcome challenges knowing that others have done it too. I sincerely wish the information will be most helpful to you too.

Great "Solid" Advice from a Business Consultant

All Entrepreneurs Should Watch these Videos

Be inspired by these stories from Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and other successful entrepreneurs. Don't miss Donald Trump's story which is very funny and insightful at the same time.

Donald Trump's Thoughts on Entrepreneurs

Who better than the Real Estate Titan to tell Us about Becoming an Entrepreneur.

There's lots that I learn from Donald Trump. From his decisive Real Estate deals, his resilience in the face of failure (temporary of course) to his sense of confidence and ability to his competitive go all out to succeed mental toughness.  

Warren Buffett Talks about his Secret of Success on Forbes

Do you want to learn about Warren Buffett's secret of success from the man himself? Get in on his success money secrets in this exclusive interview with Forbes and start rolling you own snowball of success. 

Here's More Success Stories and Helpful Information on Starting a New Internet Business

We live in interesting times with the internet enabling almost anyone to capitalize on their unique knowledge or skills to start their own internet business success story. In my opinion companies like Google have made the web a more level playing field for the individual by providing free tools like Google Apps and business opportunities like Google's Adsense for hardworking people with the willingness to learn the ropes, to be their own boss with almost zero budget.

The really good sources of information on how to create, market and monetize your web business. One of my most trusted sources of information is from the GoogleDeveloper Youtube Channel. There's also tonnes of great advice on the web but beware of flluff that tries to lead you astray. So sit back and enjoy my selection.

An Inspiring Success Story of a Small Business using Adwords to reach New Customer Segments

Entrepreneur Secrets for Success in Your Business

Here are some "secrets" that have worked for my business mentors, for myself and for some of my friends who are willing to put in the hard work to live by them. 

They are deceptively simple but really powerful tools that will help you achieve your goals. The key is to practice them every day, week, month ... you get the idea.

  1. Keep Things As Simple As Possible - Keeping things simple will make it easier to fine tune your business strategy and procedures. To quickly find out what's not working and change things around one item at a time, until you see improvements.
  2. Think in the Future and Work in the Present - This advice sounds a bit zen but the important thing is that it works. The secret is to think and plan as if you have already achieved your compelling business future success. To then dig in and focus on massive actions for your subsequent immediate goals. Basically dream big and work consistently.
  3. Model the Best People and Practices - This has worked wonders for me when I look to learn from my mentors from their books, to finding my personal mentors who became my trusted coffee buddies. Modelling how other successful people do things and look at things is a great way to levage on their massive collective experience and to relate them to your own business experience.

USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham interviews Google's Matt Cutts on how to Get Better Visibility on Google

Google's Matt Cutts Gives Some Excellent Tips to Small Business Owners

Be Inspired to Retire Comfortably with Your Own Niche Website

Find the Story that will Inspire Your to Greater Heights

This no frills simple story about a retiree who use created his niche website and made a good living for himself by partnering with Google's Adsense. I've included this video because it was instrumental in getting me to focus on the important basics in my own niche websites which really made a big difference in my success that followed. I hope you'll be able to find the right story or success entrepreneur stories that will help you reach for your worthy goals.

Good luck (of course you'll make your own :>) and happy trails on your personal journey of success.

Please Share the Passion in Your Entrepreneur Jouney

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      Business Entrepreneurs seem to have more or less the same characteristics. They all take risks but a calculated one.