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Inspiring Moments with Haier Ruba Economic Zone

Updated on August 4, 2016

It was a normal working day at the office. Things were happening as they supposed to be and nothing could be expected to happen out of the way. Then, a Skype message from Jaiser, an ex-team mate now working in Blitz Islamabad, grabbed my attention. The message was an invitation for a blogger meet-up at Haier Ruba Economic Zone. I am not a type of guy who wastes a weekend rather I prefer to sleep or spend the time with my family and friends or other social activities. But, this time I accepted the invitation and it was a wise decision. I had the privilege to bring two more professionals with me. After a selection process Hasaan and Nazim got the opportunity to explore a whole new side of their profession which will help them to make contacts in the market and benefits from the experience being shared by other fellows.

We gathered at the Mall of Lahore and were welcomed by Jaiser and his colleagues. It was really nice and excited to meet an ex-teammate who still remembers and respects me. We were treated spectacularly in fact more than we had expected. The coaster which Blitz had arranged was really comfortable and without any noticeable issue we were through to Raiwind. Level of excitement was sky high. Finally, we reached at Haier Ruba Economic Zone where we received a red carpet welcome. The very first impression of the Ruba-SEZ Group was really inspiring just like the brand tag line of Haier. We were introduced to the full product line of Hair home appliances.

Mr. Shah Faisal the President and CEO, who seemed to be fully committed to the vision ofthe bright future of the organization, along with his management team, explained in detail about each and every product such as refrigerators, washing machines, LED TVs, Mobiles and Laptop etc. He clearly mentioned that Haier is focusing more on public needs and demands rather than forcing public to buy what company wants to sell. He clearly explained the importance of an industrial city in Lahore to attract foreign companies to invest in Pakistan. He was very hopeful about China Pak Economic Corridor will also have the revolutionary impact on the economic growth of Pakistan and will strengthen the deep rooted friendly ties between China and Pakistan.

On our way to the conference room, we stopped at an elegantly designed model of the Haier Ruba Economic Zone. There is no doubt that within a few years, Haier and Ruba-SEZ Group is going to build a remarkable establishment which will be a source of real inspiration for other local and international investors.

Conference room was also a refresher point for all of us. We are being served with high tea which was the most needed fuel for the rest of the tour. We were briefed about the historic background of Haier and its future plans regarding developing their business structure in Pakistan. One thing which attracted me the most was the e-commerce platforms such as and, providing an opportunity for customers to shop online. It is really pleasant to know that companies like Haier and Ruba-SEZ Group have focusedon providing an e-commerce platform to its customers which eventually help establishing online shopping trends in Pakistan.

The next phase was to visit the manufacturing and assembly area. Thanks to Hamayoun Bashir the Marketing Manager and Waheeb Ismail the Marketing Head who explained all the steps and processes in detail. I am really thankful for their effort and co-operation as I kept them occupied most of the time. My focus of questioning was on the well being and welfare of the employees working there and trusts me when I say that I wish I could be a part of Ruba-SEZ Group. Medical facilities, bonuses and other incentives offered can make you desire to be part of Haier Ruba Economic Zone.

It was time to round up the tour, so we were taken back to conference room where lunch was ready to be served and it was pashtoon traditional lunch which was extremely delicious. I was accompanied by Bilal Zafar the Manager Digital Marketing.

It was really awesome to have chit chat with the most handsome looking guy around. We shared few good experiences and I really enjoyed quality time with him. At the end of the day we have been rewarded gifts from Ruba-SEZ which will keep me remembering their most appreciated hospitality. Another jolly person which I will never forget is Bilal Chughtai from Blitz Advertising (Pvt) Limited. Congratulations for conducting this event with huge success. I hope you will not stop here.


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  • linda-allen profile image

    linda-allen 20 months ago

    I hope Ruba and Hier will grow more. The way you describe their business policey, they will give a tough challenge to their competitors.