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Insurance Salesman

Updated on January 19, 2017

How Become An Insurance Agent

It seems everywhere I look, insurance companies are looking for health insurance agents and hence the demand for these jobs is rising. The career of a health insurance agent is really high paying. Even when an agent is not working in a company, he still receives the residuals against his sales. Most of the health insurance agents leave the job before they start getting residuals, hence they can't get benefit of the financial possibilities in this career. By reading this article, you can easily make transition to professional health insurance agent.


Don't Jump Straight In

Take the time to visit as many health insurance companies as possible, once you have decided that you want to do this job. Insurance companies search for the candidates, and they need you more than you need them. You can start talking to trainer, instead of talking to agent, because he's the one who will help you learn the process of becoming successful health insurance agent. Your financial future will be very good if you have strong relationship with this person. Keep looking for some other person if your personality clash with him, because your training and support will determine your success.

Look for training materials and check whether they are well designed for learning or not. Before you sign-up, the insurance company will not allow you with these training materials. If you ask to look at them in the reception area, after your first job interview, they will be really impressed. There is no need to worry about money, because many companies try to convince you that their company pays more than any other company. Great commissions and certain number of leads are provided by health insurance companies. If you can go that far, then you can easily make good money in your career as a health insurance agent.

Learn The Ropes

When you are learning the ropes, there are still some health insurance companies that pay you a small salary. This is a great help for newcomers, as it can keep your spirits high and you still receive a good pay-cheque. When you're just starting out, most of the health insurance companies will emphasize that you will make your money through the commission. You have to understand one thing from this article, that your first goal must not be making a fortune first-year but surviving it.

You will see good results in two or three years if you survive this first year, and you are on your own way. Residual is the secret to prosperous career in insurance sales. These residuals are the mini commissions that you receive each year from one of your client’s renewals. For this reason, first year is so critical for shaping up your career. If you are looking at part-time insurance job, then the real insurance is the best option for you. In this job the commissions are not great and the commitment is less.

You have to pass a state administered test in order to get license to function as a health insurance agent. Apart from commission, a health insurance agent gets annual salary of around $62,000.

Almost Self Employed

Being an insurance salesman is as near to being self employed as many of us will ever get. Self employed with the bonus of security, now that sounds attracting. The problem with most 9-5 jobs is that we get used to the wage, you know what your monthly pay packet is going to be and you live up to it.

Let us say you have a really well paid job and you are earning $5,000 a month. If you are like the majority of us you are going to also spend very near if not more than that $5,000 during the course of the month with loans, memberships, fuel, credit cards and a mortgage or rent.

Each month you know $5,000 will come in so you spend up to the $5,000 mark then an eventuallity crops up and before you know it you have a bad month or pop something extra onto the credit card.

Having a job like an insurance salesman means that when you have a good month with a lot of extra sales you will be rewarded with a tidy bonus. Your basic salary of $5,000 which you are also living up to is what becomes your 'living money' and if you are wise the the extra $1,000's that arrive in commission suddenly become your savings, your retirement fund or even that holiday you always dreamed of.


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