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Small Traditional Businesses: Sale from Home

Updated on May 11, 2020
Mohsin Jadoon profile image

With extensive business research for small and medium enterprises. I’m just finding sustainable ways to earn.


These small business opportunities have low barriers to entry and the place for business is from home. You don’t need a million dollars initial public offering to start any of the businesses in this article.

Some of them do require business equity but most just require hard work, dedication, desire for success and most importantly ”The Mindset of an Entrepreneur”.

Most of these business startups have the ability to generate profits even during hard economic times and recession because they operate from home and internet.

Be an Entrepreneur:

When a business is managed by an entrepreneur (not a small business owner) chances of success are high. Entrepreneurs have a different mindset. A business is an income generating entity and entrepreneurs know this very well. So, s/he will built it like a self sustaining entity.

They identify a need or problem. A differentiated solution is created by them. Solution is provided to the market and cash flows are generated. It’s not only about making money. It’s about maximising the efficiency through which order moves.

Entrepreneurs unlike small business owners scale up the whole business. Ultimately they continue to create self sustaining business and either scale-up the business or sell it for a pile of resource that allow them to retire.

1. Online Clothing Boutique

The actual amount of capital investment may vary by location, products and individual facility. However, in these modern times this business can be started with a negligible amount of investment.

Stitched and unstitched clothes can be traded. The electronic existence can be used for computerate segment of the market. Demand for this business will never diminish because the demand for this business in relatively inelastic. The following simple steps are applicable in this business.

Simple Steps (Merchandisers)

Decide on your niche (Market)

Build your budget

Organise your business

Create brand

Start manufacturing

Test the product


2. Businesses for Pet Lovers

Many animal lovers dream of starting a small business working with animals in some way, and with the pet industry surpassing $45 billion dollars per year in the United States alone, it is certainly a lucrative market!

There are many small business ideas that will allow you to make money from pets. Here are some examples:

  • Designer houses for Pets
  • Breeding exotic fish
  • Pet photography
  • Raw food etc

Multi-Billion Dollar Pet Industry:

3. Herbs & Vegetable Seeds:

Traditional herbal medicines are naturally occurring, plant-derived substances with minimal processing or no industrial processing at all to treat illness within local regional healing practices. Traditional herbal medicines are getting significant attention in global health discourses.

Vegetable seeds can be purchased from online companies. health conscious eaters, gardeners, farmers, or any other seed lovers, With just a few simple steps, one set up online store and start selling seeds online today.

Simple Steps

Gather materials

Decide which herbs to grow

Plant your herb seeds

Take care of your plants

Start selling plants

Advertise and get creative

5. Chocolates & Cup Cakes:

An oven some utensils, chocolate or baking powder with hints from YouTube and some sugar. These ingredients are enough to start this journey of fortune. These products can be sold online.There are tons of simple recipes e.g.


  • 1 cup cocoa butter
  • 1 cup cocoa powder
  • ½ cup honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract or other flavors to taste
  • Almonds chopped

This simple recipe serves 3-4 persons. However, it requires marketing at the right time. e.g. distributing fliers near Christmas with tag line “Santa will deliver cakes to your home”.

5. Candle Factory:

Candle factory requires a small amount of upfront investment. Because it’s made up of four ingredients. These ingredients are wax, fragrance, dye and wick

YouTube is a handy tool to learn the candle manufacturing. There are several kind of candles which can be manufactured.

  • Wedding Candles
  • Party Candles
  • Hand crafted oil burning candles
  • Anniversary candles
  • Religious events etc

These candles can be customised with photos of the buyers and different fragrances etc. This business has proved its demand with profits.


Whether it’s a candle factory in your store room, online pets business, clothes boutique cupboard, backyard herbs production or chocolates in your kitchen oven. All these businesses can be marketed online and expanded up to to any scale to avail economies of large production in the long-run. An example is shared for concerned.

If a farmer’s son with extremely scarce resources can scale-up small business into a company with 323 million dollar worth, will you take a chance to build a business like him?

See results


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Mohsin


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