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Updated on May 26, 2011

How to Start Blogging Online

When I was new to web, I don't have any idea of what blogging is about. It is the same with all who are new to web. Many don't have idea of what blogging is and what are reviews? Well after three years of experience in blogging and writing reviews, I am modifying this hub to share some thing about blogging and writing reviews online.

Blogging online is easy with the help of top blog platforms in web such as,,, which help you to start blogging online freely. Once you are used to blogging online, you can start your own website or self hosted blog online which help you to earn and generate revenue online. Example of creating a self hosted wordpress blog is Students Tips, where I have provided information about top Interview tips, top colleges and universities information.

It may happen that initially it may time to think and write what exactly we want to store the information in a blog. There are many topics to blog online. If you visit some top blogging expert sites

You can have an idea of what to blog online and how to write intelligent reviews. Some tips to blog online are given below:

Just think about a article which you have studied in a magazine or news paper or browsing through the net. Then if you think others will find useful in it, start capturing it in your blog.

Its not all about news, Anything which you feel interesting. May be sports, your hobbies, latest movies, good websites which share knowledge.

I will be giving information of how to write a good blogging article in my next publish.


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