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Interactive Whiteboard Assists Digital Learning

Updated on May 2, 2011

Modern interactive technologies have been more and more used in today’s digital learning. The education system is making use of the latest technological achievements such as touch screen, interactive whiteboards, projectors, visualisers, audio-response system etc to make education easier than ever. Those systems made education not only easier, but also a fun.

Among those achievements, interactive whiteboard is emerging as a highly motivational ICT and AV resource for classrooms. This is a revolutionary change brought about in the learning and teaching activities. It makes lessons and materials interesting and fun, lectures are not boring and monotonous anymore. It also creates highly interactive and motivational atmosphere for training, presentation and engaging lectures.

There are numerous advantages of whiteboard used in today’s “digital learning”. Unlike any traditional board, interactive whiteboard carries the function of interaction and it is easy to operate. Its user friendly interface and ability to attract students and audiences is the primary for its use in today’s world. With the help of interactive whiteboard, teachers are able integrate different digital data into their teachings. The images, movies, office documents can be easily pulled up from the internet and utilized in the presentation in customized manner.

Interactive whiteboard can switch easily among different digital instruments like projectors, audio-response system, graphic tablets, etc. All those ICT and AV solutions interoperation can create a good learning environment. Students can easily absorb and learn all the contents of the teaching.

Students can engage on interactive whiteboard by putting their answers or add their opinions throughout the lessons. They can put their timely response and contribution into the process and thus makes it really rewarding as a whole. The students actively participate in solving any puzzles posed by the teacher and it is really efficient. There are different kinds of software and built-in tools assist in the process and makes participation easier than ever. Especially On-line tests, opinion polls, instant feedbacks can be carried out easily. It is really helpful in reducing pressure and time on conducting lessons and the negative effects of hurting participants’ eyes and throats. It various health benefits make it very easy to be accepted in many schools and companies.


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