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Forget About External Links - What About Internal Linking?.

Updated on December 16, 2013

Internal Linking Tips

Many SEO's are so busy building external incoming links that sometimes they forget that internal linking also plays a key role in how pages rank within your site.

Using keywords in your linking strategy can really make a huge difference if used properly. You will automatically be rewarded with better page results and ranking if you carefully construct meaningful and relevant internal links.

Let your internal links to the describing

But it's not only important you choose good keywords within your anchor text but also make sure the links describe the resulting target or landing page. If your anchor text links relate to the resulting title and content then these pages will naturally become more relevant to the search engines.

We've all seen the familiar anchor text “click here” or “read more” but to a search engine this kind of keyword is not describing the linked page at all. Replacing it with a rich keyword to resulting title, description and content returns a much better ranking result.

Using more descriptive anchor links will not only tighten your internal navigation and site theme, but will give your visitor exactly what they are expecting after they click!

Use internal linking tools to analyze your site

An internal linking tool or page analytics tool can also be helpful to see what links point to what page. By analyizing the internal linking structure you can check the revelancy of the links and pages they point to.

DigMyLink is a tool I created to quickly analyzes how you link to your internal pages. It is a Firefox Plugin and installs very easily. Simply download to your computer and drag it into the Firefox window.

Download free linking tool

This linking tool reports the URL, Title, Description and Content of any anchor text just by hovering over it. Is reports on any page you happen to be on. The tool reads into the pages info without actually browsing to the actual page with little or no wait time.

So take a break from your inbound links and take some time to look at the internal links within your site as it really will make a huge difference and improve your rankings over time.


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    • rhysclay profile image

      rhysclay 6 years ago from Sunshine Coast, Australia

      Great article, thanks for tips. Followed.