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Internal Newsletter or Intranet Site Article Sample

Updated on September 4, 2016

As the public relations practitioner for a local hospital, you have been asked to prepare an article for the internal newsletter (or employee intranet site) about a new health and fitness center opening in a wing of your building that used to house a clinic that has since been relocated to a new building. A member of your board of directors generously donated $100,000 to the hospital for the renovation effort. Employees will be able to use the facility 24 hours a day, free of charge. One of the nurse managers who used to oversee stroke patient therapy programs will assume the directorship of the fitness center.

Fictional Article

Health and Fitness Center Renovations

One of Mercy Hospital’s Board of Directors had decided to anonymously donate $100,000 towards the renovation of our brand new health and fitness center. The health and fitness center will be located in the East wing of the hospital where the clinic used to reside. When the renovation of the East wing is complete the health and fitness center will open and remain open to all employees 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. When finished the health and fitness center will have a fully stocked gym, a yoga/dance studio, lap pool, health counseling office hours, health and fitness monthly workshops, cooldown zone, locker rooms, and a raw fresh juice bar. The health and fitness center will be available to all employees at no cost, though we do ask that employees clean up after themselves in order to keep the center in good condition for all employees.

Health and Fitness Center Operations

The health and fitness center will be overseen by the nurse manager who used to oversee stroke patient therapy programs. The director of the health and fitness center, Jean Rogers, will be available for questions, assistance and suggestions prior to the opening of the health and fitness center. Jean Rogers has this to say on the health and fitness center:

“The new health and fitness center will offer all employees the tools they need to keep themselves fit and healthy. The center will have health and fitness workshops once a month on a variety of topics. If anyone knows someone who would like to offer a workshop, please contact me at”.

Health and Fitness Center Policies & Code of Conduct

  • A strict ID policy is enforced when entering the health and fitness center; all employee badges must be swiped when entering the health and fitness center and worn while using the center.
  • The use of mobile devices for making or taking calls and for texting & emailing is not permitted whilst using equipment due to safety concerns. Mobile devices may be used for music.
  • Equipment may not be moved, altered, modified or used in a manner other than that for which it was intended.
  • Personal belongings may not be left on the floor; all belongings should be stored in the provided lockers for the duration of the health and fitness center use.
  • Employees will remain respectful of others at all times.
  • When employees are finished with equipment, they will wipe it with the provided wipes and then return the equipment to its original location or settings.

Mercy Hospital Health & Fitness Center

Director of Health and Fitness Center: Jean Rogers

(305) 860-4616 Ext. 159

Top 10 Health & Fitness Tips from Dr. Oz

  1. 1. Get Strong, Not Skinny
  2. 2. Cut Out the White Stuff
  3. 3. Bring On the Broccoli
  4. 4. Get Your Daily Dose of D
  5. 5. Drink More Water
  6. 6. Trade Supplements for Tea
  7. 7. Focus on Nutrients, Not Calories
  8. 8. Delay Dessert
  9. 9. Sleep More to Slim Down
  10. 10. Make Breakfast Mandatory

Learn more about Dr. Oz’s health and fitness tips at:


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