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International Clandestine Economic Relations, post cold war. I suppose some think we do not do business with Iran.

Updated on March 9, 2013

Politicians cannot afford to let you in.

They call if The Pacific, if you only knew. It is anything but peaceful.
They call if The Pacific, if you only knew. It is anything but peaceful. | Source

Balance the Good with the Bad. Arms for Peace?

So I sent this hub to my old partner before publishing. He just got back to me. He told me loose lips sink ships. I told him that people need to know that the glamor they see on tv, the exciting life and death stuff that makes headlines is tiny compared to backroom deals. He just laughed and said that that is the point.It is boring stuff, so my hub is boring.

Well I reckon I apologize for that.

Foreign Relations after the Cold War

I am not clean on the dates, but around 89-91 of that old last century I ended up with some strange requests. The countries involved were, Mexico, Israel and both China’s. The work began before the fall of the Berlin wall and concluded after the end of the operation called Desert Storm. I was only sworn to a bit of secrecy and I figure 20 years is good enough.

You see the whole operation I was involved with was the swapping of contracts between nations for oil.

Over in that part of the world, Israel stood down with scuds falling around them and gas masks at the ready. They did not launch and they did not retaliate and they did not escalate. It was glorious and made any man proud to call Israel their friend. Of course too soon we forget.

The deal struck was this, Israel would begin to get oil regionally. Fantastic for everyone. Except the Mexicans who had been supplying the Israelites with oil. The US brokered the deal. With a promise that they would cover the lost sales revenue for Mexico. Here is where dogtailed international scoundrels like me come in.

Here was the smoking hot deal. We get China mainland folks to buy the oil through an intermediary in Taiwan. But we had to include Urea (fertilizer) and aluminum. Urea is also used to make bombs and aluminum is used to make fighter aircraft. In this case the urea was actually for fertilizing and the aluminum was for fighters and the crude oil was for power generation, and irrigation water pumping.

The deal was very back room cigar smoking money players and a whole bunch of funds that were a little off the books. Coming out of China the sources were generals that controlled certain areas. Coming out of Mexico the players were definitely part of the Presidente’s family.

Needless to say, I did not watch my back, I walked sideways. Now it is clear I have mentioned no names. I have fingered no players. In my opinion the acts were righteous. We worked hard to resolve issues that had yet been broached. Yes Mexico is socialist and yes, China is communist and yes we probably broke a good handful of laws but we did it for country.

One problem we faced was the fertilizer. We did not get it done on time and many died in riots and more still probably of starvation. Urea is key for the growing of crops in many areas of China. It still haunts me today.

One of the men involved was a guy named Hawk. He is probably the most dedicated and loyal American I have ever met. He lived above a bar/brothel in Hong Kong. I hope like me, that blood runs carefully through his veins keeping him well.

sometimes the best information is outside the country

The media shows the shocking bombing and the amazing restraint. It shows the public side of saving lives. But it can not show the work that goes on between our non allies that keeps them from escalating further carnage in the world. We would say, “oh my God he associated and worked with communists” never realizing that if he had not, things would be a whole lot uglier.

I reckon we will never know just how many lives were saved by Israel not retaliating and escalating. I am not real sure how many lives were saved by the first load of Urea and crude fuel oil. I do know that my government could not and did not sanction our operations. But when I shook that undersecretary’s hand I could tell we had made a good difference by going where no one else would go. We started under Bush and we ended under Clinton.

My roll was small. But there are men and women out there that do that which cannot be done on a regular basis without cover from our government, those folks are cool. It is an unspoken deal. It is cloaked with secrecy and without these machinations; there would be a whole lot more use of force.

Have a look see at these papers. Just add in China for the mix


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