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International Culture Gala

Updated on May 24, 2010

Importance of Understanding Cultures for international business may never be neglected because it's impossible for a company to survive in such environment it doesn't have appropriate knowledge, Like In Muslim Countries WINE sales is Prohibbited as its religious concerns, suppose a company TOP CLASS WINE manufacturer, makes a strong marketing plan for a Muslim country (just eleminating legal concerns to be more clear) and implement it, it would never be successful because people wouldn't buy, as in India if a company start selling BEEF or MUTTON; ofcourse a few part of nation would buy and rest of the population may neglect it.

We being students of BBA (H) are tought International Business by Instructor Mr. Qamar Ali, MS-Phd candidate in Management, he focused on us to understand culture importance for trading outside the borders and and he gave us a project to 1st to present culture of a country and 2nd to have practical display of cultures

Our class was devided in 4 parts and we selected 4 countries for such project

  1. Japan
  2. China
  3. Australia
  4. Italy

Every group was trying to show their best to get more marks and knowledge, sometimes i wonder how managed such big event on city level, held on Feb 16, 2010. Approx 5000 people from our city visited and appriciated it

Let me just conclude by highlighting main features of that day

  • Wearing dresses of selected country with hair styles
  • Bowing for each guest in China
  • Presenting Italian piza's to taste
  • Torri gate of Japan was made
  • Australian Gems believes
  • Sturcuture of home designs
  • and much more



  • Using chopsticks
  • Seating manners
  • Business ettiquetes
  • Educational level
  • Culture aspects
  • Religions

Core Cultural values were also being told to visitors and this is conducted after 3 months extensive online research and hard word

The overall cost incured on this event was USD $ 2500.00 and all was financed by different companies in form of publicity items of providing necessities equipments... Such activities should be held in academic career because it helps students to understand the Market more closely before they enter, like it was such a big problem for students to get sponsors for such event in such a economic crisis era, but they however managed it

We All class is highly thankful to Mr. Qamar Ali, Hats off to You SIR



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    • Rizwan Amjed profile imageAUTHOR

      Rizwan Amjed 

      8 years ago

      Thanks Healthy Living Is

      Yes Nilum we really had such great hard work in completion of this... Thanks for visiting

    • nilum profile image


      8 years ago

      Ya Rizwan; I was there on this event and it was such a fantastic event i have ever seen in University, Carried lot of publicity and advertisement even in local Cable ...

      Great Effort

    • Healthy Living Is profile image

      Healthy Living Is 

      8 years ago from allergies, people, flowers. health, diet, art, medicine, mental health



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