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Internet Business Advice and Help

Updated on August 14, 2009

Internet Business Help

Internet Business Help
Internet Business Help

Are you looking for help with an internet business?

Have you got a business idea?

So you've got an idea for a business and don't know where to start and need some Internet business help. I am going to try and break down the processes involved in creating your own work from home business on the internet as much as possible over the next few weeks by helping you with internet business ideas,how to start a website and how to make your own website. Probably the easiest way will be to give you some steps to follow so that you can create your work from home online business systematically and pop back here whenever you would like to read the next installment about starting your own online internet business.

Before you do anything....I mean anything, you need to get a fresh sheet of paper or open yourself a word document so that you can make notes as ideas pop into your head for your work from business, because believe me, when you get creative about a business idea you only really remember about 50% of the great business ideas that you had.

Ok You've got some paper and are ready to formulate your own online home based business

The first thing you need to do is draw a basic sketch for your internet business home page layout of your website. You won't need to add in any text or any pictures, just create the basic feel of the menu bars,heading etc.

1. Where will your product/website name be shown?

Will it be centred,at the top,across the bottom etc.

2. What sort of headings will you have in your menubar?

Place the menubar somewhere. Will it be in the left column or under your sites name etc.Maybe you will have one at the top and one at the bottom.

Now I want you to put some thought to your product in this basic sketch because you may wish to have a photo of your main product on your home page.Make blocks for the text you would like to write,the Photo,your contact details.

Ok, so you have a basic layout which you can chop and change as you come up with new ideas that may affect the layout.

Dont worry how we will design the actual site to much right now because i will give you a simple solution for this later.

Now lets put some serious thought to your product.

What is your product?

The type of product you have chosen will determine the approach you will have to your website.

By this I mean you may have a tangible product that can be ordered and shipped or you may be providing a sevice to a specific industry or you may even be doing this for your hobby or even to create a totally new concept.If you dont find the answers you need.Just ask for help ?

I am going to use an example here to show you how lateral you will need to consider your product.If for example, your hobby is to create tiny lead soldiers moulds in your spare time and you are looking to sell them online and ship them nationally by post, you need to have cogniscance of how you business will work once your website goes live.

So you sell lead soldiers.Will your customers also be able to buy paint from you,tweezers,magnifying lenses,paint brushes,holders for their finished product,see pictures on your site of finished products painted,can they get the trees and grass etc if they are building a scene for a display?All of these items are available from somewhere which will compliment your product. These supplementary products can generate you an additional income via you website which will be explained in more detail later on. You will be amazed of the number of suppliers of complimentary products to your product who will appreciate the added exposure for their product and be prepared to talk about paying you a percentage of their profits or providing you with wholesale on an order by order basis. These become your associate manufacturers or suppliers.Why shouldn't your customer be able to get everything they need from you.Loyalty from customers is what you are creating at the of the day. This means that when you launch your newest product range, you already have proven buyers who know you by the service they received on their last purchase.

So on another piece of paper, you have a spider diagram of your product in the middle with spokes going out to all the support products to your main product.Dont be afraid if you don't make these yourself.They are easy to find and you wont have to stock them in your garage at home. The joys of internet sales, all orders are mail delivery.

After you have your product and basic website layout sketch

I want you to draw a block in the middle of a new page with your product in the middle of this block. We are now going to draw a line/spoke to another block and in this block we are going to write ORDER SYSTEM.

Now do a spoke for any of the following that you think will be part of your website and porduct business.

  1. Contact us page.
  2. Club news.
  3. New products.
  4. Our Products.
  5. Price list.
  6. Articles of interest.
  7. About us.
  8. Order form.

You now have the map of your website.So do a page sketch for each.

The contact us page.

You may wish to amintain your company logo onto each web page, so make a note of it in your sketch.Some of you may be able to do all of this from memory, but I like to tick off each page as they get created.

How can you be contacted?

email,Phone,Fax,skype,twitter,mobile phone,street address if you have a base office.

People like to know that you exist and are dealing with a real person and not a computer order system.It creates a sense of personal attention to your business that if they get stuck, they can just call you.

Club news or product reviews

Newsletters are a great way to maintain a loyal customer base and get repeat business.

Other companies may be interested in paying for you to write an article about your use of their product in your business which you recommend to your customer base. You may have industry news or would like to call this section product reviews and post letters or articles from your satisfied customers.

Your New Products Page and Products Page

Create some hype around a product launch by writing a review of your product next to some great photos. This page will change regularly and all the products that are removed, then just go to your products page.

So on this page, you will need to remember that if the customer is on this page and wants to go back to the home page or even wants to oredr the product right now, place the order button, where they can find it easily and make sure each page you are sketching has the necessary buttons or means to navigate around your site as easy as possible without frustration.

Advertising Space on your website

Try and find a website that sells products similar to yours and get an idea of the advertising layout for a traditional webpage.

Advertising on websites can take many forms. The most popular being googles adsense program.These are the blue text links usually on the right side of a page.The advertisers of these links pay google to have their ads palced on websites.By offering google this space on your website, you are creating an additional revenue from your website for each time someone visits your website and clicks through the blue link to another page.Try not to have to much of this type of advertising as you want your customers to stay and view your products.

As mentioned above though, you may elect to provide this space rather to your suppliers for a monthly charge as it is complimentary to the nature of your website. Your customers wont feel like they are being bombarded by alternate advertising. Rather use an advert in the style of a banner which is not distasteful and does not detract from the overall experience of your website page.

You have also got a review page which you could charge suppliers for a write up on their products in stead of a percentage of sales generated by your website to their products. This can then be of a more permannet nature.

Choosing a name for your website

So now you have your product and some direction on the layout for your website.

The next step is to name your business.You may find that the name you had in mind has been taken as the internet has been around for a short while, so this is how you plan the name for your website.Please put some serious thought to this as it could be the difference between thousands of customers or none at all.

Did you know that the name fo your site has weight in the generic search engine terms for the search engines. This means if you call your site " Johns Tin Soldiers" like this "", the search engine can not distinguish between the words. If you however name your site "", then the search engine can see all three words and will see merit in your website for someone looking for tin soldiers.

So, if your customers are looking for tin soldiers, the search engines will go through the internet and if it sees that the name of your website relates to the content written in the webpages of that website, there is a good chance that the customer will be given your site as a possible palce for them to find what they are looking for.

It took the creators of the "Penn Island" website a while before they realised why they were receiving no customers.(please pardon the analogy,but you get the importance.)

So your next step now is to design you website.

Costs for your website

You will obviously have to host your website on a server and this will cost a few dollars every month, but this is afterall a business.

You will also have to register your domain name(name of your website).

Now, during this process, you have to design the website which usually costs thousands of dollars in website development and webdesign and this is where I have searched high and low to find a solution.Well I found one.

You get a free domain name, reasonably cheap hosting with unlimited bandwidth for uploads and downloads PLUS MORE -SEE BELOW

Using The Bluevoda Webbuilder

By using the free website builder, you will be receiving many advantages over the traditional using of a website designer.

Bluevoda will not charge you in creating your own website the way you want it to look.

The software needed is free to download to your PC.

Bluevoda have a chat forum where help is available and your design problems answered for free.

BlueVoda offer a web-hosting package which is cheaper than most web-hosting companies offering the same or similar facilities.

You can register a local domain name in your country of residence and then utilise an overseas company for your web-hosting. I believe this to be the best method as the overseas companies have larger servers and can offer unlimited uploading and downloading for your website.

The web-hosting facility does not have a limit on the bandwidth that can be uploaded to their server, thus not restricting the number of pages on your site as most other web-hosting companies do. Be careful to read the fine print when looking at cheap web-hosting companies with reference to bandwidth.

Bluevoda will allow your customers to download as many pages as they wish, without it costing you any difference in your monthly subscription. Please pay special attention to this when deciding on your hosting company as this is often in the fine print.

There is no compulsory contract that needs to be signed and the discretion is up to you on a monthly basis as to whether or not you would like to host with them for that month.This means that during the time it takes to design and build your website, you have the luxury of no hosting fees.You only pay when you are ready to upload your new website. This also means you are able to move to another service provider if you want to.

Other advantages include the technical support which is via the internet. A user control panel is free which means that all changes are made by yourself and you do not have to consult with someone at a charge or wait to get an appointment.

You will receive regular emails of additional plug ins for your website which enhance your webpages and business.

Last but not least are the video tutorials, which give you free step by step video tutorial instruction throughout the website building process which is also free.

An in depth amount of researching was carried out in order to source the easiest method for anyone to do this with little or no knowledge of computers and I hope you have fun in testing different options.

Spend some time going through their templates until you find one that works well for your intended product or design one from scratch by watching the tutorials.Please remember to make your website as easy to navigate as possible and get an unbiased opinion from a friend or family member to tell you if your color choices are easy enough on the eyes to read.This could make or break your site.Blue is usually the easiest text to read.

Did you find the Bluevoda video tutorials helpful?

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    • Dale Nelson profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale Nelson 

      9 years ago from South Africa

      Thanks Martinrocks.Its done


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