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Internet Business Opportunities for a Computer Savvy - A Key to the Fortune That Lies Hidden in Your Head

Updated on October 30, 2010

Literally thousands of internet business opportunities are available on the Internet and new online business opportunities are popping up every single day. When you visit their websites, they claim that any body can succeed in their business. People come from different backgrounds. Their abilities and skill sets vary widely. So, one has to choose an online business carefully evaluating one’s abilities.

If you are a computer savvy, what are your chances of succeeding in internet business opportunities? Definitely you have some advantages over others who don’t know anything about computers and the internet.

An estimated 1.6 billion people are using internet and you can tap into this market when your business has an online presence. Internet makes it a level playing field for companies of all sizes to compete for market share online.

If you are a computer savvy and you want to make money on the internet, here are some advantages and disadvantages:

Work from anywhere at any time
Work from anywhere at any time


Technical Details
You will be comfortable with the technical aspects of your website, blog and other similar activities. You can outsource it or do it yourself, but you understand the intricacies of it and know what needs to be done. If necessary, you will be able to customize your website to suit your needs without depending on anybody.

Breeze through general computer tasks
You will be comfortable at general computer tasks like using Microsoft office word, uploading a video or writing a blog post. You will be able to understand and follow specific guidelines and rules in order to set up your online business.

Feel Confident about Yourself
You will feel confident about yourself and your abilities. You know that you are far better than many other people. You will approach your online business with right frame of mind, anticipating positive results.


Internet Marketing
Unless you have prior exposure to Internet marketing, you will be new to landing pages, opt in boxes, list builders etc. When I didn’t know anything about Internet Marketing, I entered my name and email address at several websites and never really understood the logic behind it. When you learn internet marketing, you will know how to leverage the list and realize the life time value of a customer.

Generating Traffic
You will be new to generating traffic on the Internet. There are several ways of generating traffic to your website. Depending on your strengths, you need to choose two different methods of lead generation preferably one paid and one free.

I never realized the importance of copywriting until I started my Internet marketing business. Copywriting comes into picture when write text to a landing page, an advertisement or an email message to your list etc. You need to slowly learn and use the power of copywriting in your business.

Internet is here to stay. Marketing on the internet is a very valuable skill one can possess.
Once you know how to market a product online, you can apply your knowledge to any other product with minimal or no changes. I invite you to check out one of the top internet business opportunities and learn the secrets from the masters in this field. Because when it comes to making money on the internet, your knowledge matters.


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    • Sekharg profile image

      Sekharg 7 years ago from USA

      Hi nms,

      This was my personal experience when I got started in internet marketing. I am glad you found it helpful.



    • nms profile image

      nms 7 years ago from Cochin

      Really helpful info for computer techies.