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Internet Display Ads—Everything You Need!

Updated on May 22, 2014

Display Goes Way Back!

Display ads have a long, colorful history; and one can go as far back as ancient Rome—and even before that time--where display ads were used very effectively. Since many people in those days were illiterate, utilizing a drawn and/or painted picture would allow anyone to fully understand what a business had to sell or what particular event or activity was being planned for the community

Great ideas never die; and today, display ads remain an extremely effective means of advertising products and services. These ads can be appear on posters, in newspapers and magazines or on the sides of buses, they can come in the form of flyers or be displayed on billboards; and of course, they can be utilized on the internet.

Internet Display Ads Capture Attention and Draw People In:

As with any advertising plan, the goal of internet display ads is, of course, to draw in customers and turn a curious view into an official sale. Stationary or animated graphics in addition to videos and/or audio components make display ads come alive and impossible to not notice. Even interactive games can be utilized to not only capture, but hold, a viewer’s attention. Display ads are often referred to as banners and can appear as banner ads on a website to a block of space on the side of the screen. Social sites, such as Facebook, offer an immense platform to incorporate display ads where millions upon millions of people ‘gather’ each day. Specialized websites for baby clothing, fishing gear or home furnishings offer an opportunity for more personalized display ads that specifically cater to a certain clientele. Here, thanks to display advertising, the product’s sales potential is maximized since the ads correspond to relative search words the user has entered into the search-bar. Even nuances as fine-tuned as demographic and behavioral targeting are available to laser in on your specific audience.

Brand awareness for any business will, most definitely, be heightened when intriguing copy, imaginative layout designs, vibrant colors and rich graphics work in concert with one another to create an ad that can’t help but grab visitors’ attention; and in many cases, influence their decision to buy that product or service.

The Advertiser Gains Insight:

Through display advertising, the ad owner can gain valuable insight on how well his or her ad campaign is operating. Tracking the performance of one’s ad campaign to measure metrics such as impressions, clicks and conversions is invaluable. Regardless of how many times one’s ad is clicked, that data can be notated; and by analyzing that data as well as being able to track the ad on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, the ad campaign can be constructively critiqued and altered or tweaked, if necessary, for on-going improvements.

Display Advertising—Such an Easy Option:

If a viewer were to click on a display ad, he or she would be immediately guided to the product’s website. The person who purchased the internet ad would pay for only those people who actually visited the respective website. Other options for ad payments utilize a ‘per-impression’ instead of a ‘per-click’ source.

After it’s all said and done, display advertising is an affordable and immensely effective venue for an advertising campaign, since:

1: an interest in a product or service is aroused and brand awareness is enhanced

2: target audiences can be easily pursed and reached

3: the ad’s effectiveness can be realistically measured, via internet-performance tracking

4: one’s on-line presence becomes more pronounced

5: new products or seasonal offers can be easily promoted

Display advertising—easy, affordable and effective!


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