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How to Start Your Internet Home Business with Zero Budget

Updated on January 27, 2011

What You Need to Start

When I was just a budding entrepreneur the most important thing is cash flow.

The great thing about a home based internet business must be modest capital investment required. All you need is a PC computer preferably a laptop, and a moderately fast internet connection.

Read on to learn the about the best free software to help you manage your business and bring in the profits.

Google is the Small Business Owner's Friend

If your computer happen to come with the latest Office or equivalent applications then that's great. For me I bought a budget Netbook that did not come with Microsoft Office application suite. But between the free open office and Google's online apps, they were able to fulfill my documents reading, creation and editing needs.

More Knowledge Means More Profits

Google Apps: The Missing Manual
Google Apps: The Missing Manual

Read this book and know how Google Apps can satisfy your business needs.


Google Apps for Business

Who says you have to be a big company to make it big. As long as like me you are willing to take the effort to learn how to do it, the free signups to Google's Adsense and Amazon Associates Affiliate program is all I need to create an income stream from the traffic to my niche websites.

Did I tell you that my first webpages and first niche website is hosted free as well. Ok they are almost free because there is a profit sharing model that ensures they can a percentage only when you start earning profits.

Learn about Google Docs


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