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Internet Income for newbies

Updated on March 31, 2010
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internet income
internet income
internet income

The best models for any beginner for Online  income

Internet provides numerous opportunities to newbies for earning from internet . Major advantage of internet is its global presence hence you can establish your product or service across the globe . Imagine billion people using internet and amount of income pntential from these visitors .In addition to that we have emerging countries like China and India where internet penetration is very low thus huge boom awaits these countries .The major advantage of doing business on internet is low overheads as you dont need huge staff to carry out your business secondly recurring nature of income for the work done once .

Models to earn from internet

Information products

People are searching for information every days in various field on net so if you can manage to get information on how to perform or acquire a new skill with videos or writen tuorilas they would be happy to buy them from you few basic info products which are popular are

Learn languages like spanish , french or german

Learn dance

Learn cooking

Learn to play music instruments

Learn Yoga

so if you can package your instructions into video ,audio or ebook you can earn substantial income .Best ways is t create a website and ask visitors to dowload these products from your site .You can even ask them to become member of your site with some fees .


Blogging is another way to earn money on net .If you have expertise or hobby for which you are passionate eough to write and tell people about the hobby then you cna start blogging and with few basic seos and traffic generation methods you can earn from blogging . You earn through direct ads,google adsense , affiliates and sponsored post on your blog . Its a long process but once you get popularity in your subject then you can earn good income.Blogging requires consistency and quality content .Give your reader some value and they would visit your blog again and again ..The best advantage of blogging is that of free blogging platforms like and wordpress.

Affiliate marketing

The best method for beginners to start earning from net  is to do affiliate markeing . The basic concept is that one cannot reach huge market out there in world with its own marketing team you require agents /publishers/affiliates to promote your products and for every sale you give a commission to the affiliate  .The best method by people are generating million of rupees is through google ads linked to your affiliate product .You need to just launch your adword campaign on internet with carefull selection of niche market and keyword selection .

There are many affiliate product banks which help you in finding out these products ,major one s are Clickbank , Commisionjunction , Amazon and ebay .You get commissions per sale or per lead in some cases . you can always test your market and then find which one is profitable . You can do affiliate marketing through social networking also .


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