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Internet Marketing For Newbies: Welcome

Updated on October 21, 2010

So you're interested in the world of internet marketing huh? You're in for quite the experience. If you enjoy working your own hours, creating websites, promoting websites, advertising, and all the little things that go along with running a business then this will really be the thing for you. Or if you just enjoy money, the work will definitely be worth it!

It's said that there is a 97% failure rate for internet marketers. But what is considered failure? It's not when your website gets very little traffic, when you get sandboxed by Google, or when you don't quite reach your goal for the month. Failure is when you quit. If you really want to make it in the world of internet marketing, you can't quit.

Around every corner is a new challenge as well as new customers waiting found and revenue begging to be gained. The internet marketing industry is full of money waiting to be made. Following the normal routes can make you a handsome sum of money but once you learn the basics and get really good at internet marketing, you might just be the person to find something new and make it bigger than the rest. All from the comfort of your home.

But you have to start somewhere. You need to learn the basics before you go after big keywords and try to fight off 500,000,000+ other websites for a spot on the first page of Google for a massive, very profitable keyword. Don't go wasting money to go to big seminars or buy some cheap, $5 ebook written by someone (generally inexperienced) looking to make some quick money that promises to give you everything you need. If you really want to learn about this market then sites like Internet Marketing For Newbies offer great products to really get you up and going.

When you purchase packages like those on Internet Marketing For Newbies you really need to pay attention to the information you're given in the packages. Absorb every word, every tip. If the package offers step-by-step instructions, you should go through them and do them, not just read/watch and move on to the next thing. If you're following a video and starting to fall behind, pause the video so you can complete the step then move on. If you miss part of a video for some reason, rewind and make sure you find out what you missed. It could be very important and the more you know, the better you'll do.

Bringing up your first website is going to be one of the most exciting things you'll do as a beginner. When you choose your hosting company, I personally recommend HostGator as they have a package that allows unlimited domains on your hosting account for only $10/month. If you get into niche marketing, having unlimited hosting could really save you a lot of money.

So, is internet marketing starting to sound like something you would be interested in?


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