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Internet Marketing for Accountants | Learn how to promote your Accounting Services Online

Updated on January 23, 2013


In as much as the Accounting profession through what it calls Code of Ethics restricts accountants from intensive advertisement, it still allows some room for professional promotion of the services provided by accountants and bookkeepers.

Overly restricting accountants from leveraging on one of the best technologies that has ever been invented is simply uncalled for. If you are an accountant or someone who has the required skill to deliver bookkeeping, tax filing or other professional services, you should learn to promote what you do on the internet.

The caveat is to play by the rule of the game. Internet marketing for accountants is a grey area when it comes to advertising your professional services. What the regulators are trying to do is to avoid negative competition that might ensue if accounting practitioners are allowed to freely advertise.

If you look around this page, you will find some ads placed by accounting firms. This is an indication that it is not totally prohibited to market your services as a professional, just keep it right in accordance with the provision of relevant rules and guidelines. This hub is written to share with you tested ways of getting the words about your business to the outside.


The most important thing to do is to get a domain name that you can call yours. A lot of entrepreneur’s accountants often go with the free option. Well, in as much as you will save some bucks using this method of establishing your online presence, you will quickly notice that money saved from using free domain name and web hosting will be lost in the form of credibility and reputation. Would you as a client go with an accountant who is too cheap to descend to the level of not having control of his or her fully fledged website?

The second thing that you will consider is how to get high quality information for your site. This is called content marketing amongst the marketing folks. Content can take any of the following forms;


Articles: article marketing is still a major way of getting the news of your existence to the general public. When done properly, article marketing is a very powerful tool that experienced online marketers use to promote their businesses. This article will not go into the discussion of how to effectively use article marketing because doing a quick Google search will give you all that you need to succeed in article marketing.

Videos: research has shown how powerful and successful video marketing is. People now prefer to have high quality information in a short video. There is much video creation software out there that you can use. The advent of youtube and other video hosting sites has made it so easy to create and publish your videos.

Pictures, graphs, and charts: pictures as you already know speak more than words especially when internet marketing for accountants is concerned. You will easily and effectively pass a message across the intended audience by using pictures, graphs, and charts. Whatever you do in your bid to marketing your accounting service online, do not neglect the power of pictorial way of producing useful content.

The benefit of content marketing for accountant is that it will send free organic traffic to your site or blog. Also content marketing will give boost your reputation and create a natural lead that will smile to you one day. If someone searches for small business accountants for instance and found your well written article on how to select a small business accountant, you then notice that this article is in fact written by a qualified accountant offering service to small business owners. Would you rather turn to the company or still keep looking for another messiah?


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    • Paul Maplesden profile image

      Paul Maplesden 5 years ago from Asheville, NC

      This will be a good resource for accountants looking to find out how they can promote their businesses.