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How to do Internet Marketing Today

Updated on September 4, 2009

Internet Marketing for Dummies

Or is it Intenet Marketing for Beginners.

The Best way to do internet marketing - How to start

How to do Internet Marketing from a starting point

So, you may be new to the words Internet Marketing,Affiliate Marketing or even Associate Marketing in some circles.These terms are all pretty much the same after a couple of months worth of navigating the web in your quest to understand what all the hype is about and what on earth is going on.

You will start off with a mixture of emotions and excitement probably being at the top of the list as you believe that you have finally found a way to make an honest living from the comfort of your home or on your laptop in a coffee shop.

The point is I don't want to scare you, but the cold hard truth is you are going to have to be patient as with any new business.You need to learn the ropes before you make real money thats worth quiting your day job for.

Now that weve got that outa the way and youre still here, lets figure out where to start learning.

Im not going to bombard you with a bunch of technical terms because there is a system to the way that you can learn how to do internet marketing.This is how I started and Im not saying that it is the best way or the only way, but it tooks about a year to get a decent grasp of the terminology and I still get baffled on a regular basis when I find a new tip that somebody put out there in cyberspace and then I found it.

Now I would say that that little gem there is the basis for all understanding of how to make money from the internet and becoming a full time self employed couch potato do as you please internet marketer.It is definitely about reading my friend.

Carry around a little book and a pen everywhere you go.I wrote down so many tips and website address in my first two months of my quest that I filled 3 whole 96 page writing books with ....make note to self.......

So you see, if it is written out there somewhere on the internet, you just need to do a search in the search engine toolbar and you will find it. Try not to spend a fortune on products though, because there is a natural progression to the way you learn to be an internet marketer and you cannot learn it all from a book.

Try these to start with and you should get the gist of things if you have the patience to read and learn first.

Try typing these into the search toolbar and see what shows

internet marketing forum

search engine optimisation

search engine watch - this one was where i started

What you want to do is learn a bit from everybody.So join a forum and when you feel you cant learn any more search for another forum or chech in your book for a site that you wrote down in your travels.Make notes of new terminology that you read about and then go and read up on it.You will find that it takes you about six months to get a firm grasp on the terminology and then the sky is the limit.

This article was not meant to intimidate you into fearing that it is to much to learn, just be patient and learn it the same way we did in school. Read and understand it.Then tackle the problem with the right background information.Its easier that way.

Good luck and let me know below what you thought of the article by leaving a comment and if you would like to receive an email every time I make a post, then click on the join fanclub icon to your right.

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