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How to use Internet Marketing and Web marketing to Increase sales

Updated on February 2, 2011

Why Internet Marketing??

Internet marketing or Online Web marketing means using tool and techniques to promote your product and services to internet users. E-mail marketing was the old way of Internet marketing and Social media marketing is the latest form of internet marketing.

Internet marketing is usualy reffered to Websites and visitors but the ultimate goal of internet marketing is increase in sales. Why atract people to your site if you have nothing to sell or they don't make any purchase??


Advantages of Internet Marketing

One of the main advantage of internet marketing is it's cost, Consider the cost of advertisement on Tv or Newspaper and compare it with e-mail marketing and there is a huge difference.

Internet marketing give detailed stats for further review for each campaign and it helps marketer to learn from experience. On the other hand, Effect of Traditional Marketing can't be measured and analyse.


Increasing Sales with Internet marketing

One of the main purpose of Internet marketing is sales, and increased sales means more profit. So how to increase sales using Internet marketing??

The answer to this question is not simple, You need to think about your product and make a marketing plan using best available marketing channel.You can use SEO, you can use AdWord and PPC or you can use E-mail marketing.


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