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Interpretation of Confusion: When to say When!

Updated on May 14, 2013

During your journey, whatever it may be, one has to learn when to say When! This is true to whatever aspect of life you go through, deal with or choose. Allot of anything isn’t always good, but too much of one thing is normally not good.

Let’s start with the obvious ones….too much tobacco, too much alcohol, too much sun, too much alone time, too much meat, too much blah blah…. All of these have some sort of negative effect in one’s life. Too much sheltering, too much sleep and even too much love is probably not good….there needs to be a balance or counter balance of some sort…..too much of something can easily turn into an obsession, and we all know this word is usually used in a negative connotation. So, knowing when to say When, is essential to life……unfortunately, for most people this “talent” is one which needs to be learned, very few are born with it….this is not based on a scientific study…..just based on my knowledge of human behavior throughout my travels and from living in 20+ different cities….so, to get to the meat and potatoes of this scribbling, when does someone know when to say When at their occupation? This obviously varies from person to person and there are hundreds if not thousands of articles which come out constantly about happiness and how to deal with work environments and bosses…..without getting into contents of such articles, I feel they are basically targeting the younger work force….the work force which has little responsibilities in life, not married or with no kids or with no family attachments etc may feel otherwise and that’s ok… Everyone is looking for success and a prosperous future at any company, unless they are using it as a stepping stone of course. Us, whom have been raised by “old school” principles, which basically is – Find a job where you can grow, stabilize, live, and retire. That was always the advice provided by parents, grand-parents, sane aunts and uncles and older friends…although I do not consider myself old, even though my grey hair convinces me otherwise, I for many years believed this to be true. Now, not so much! Being born in the early seventies, this for sure was what was sold to me! You needed to improve yourself to grasp a position at a “great” company and retire! Then again, in years past, corporations still believed in pensions and health insurance wasn’t through the roof and other benefits were welcome within the work place. Today, these once common aspects of companies are privileges aimed at upper management only. Which leaves mere mortals to “be happy” to have a job! How many times have you heard this – “Could be worst!”, “Be glad you have a job!”, “Better than nothing!”etc etc…I’m sure you can come up with other examples…. If you say this, or if you know someone who does, stop, analyze and reflect! Now, I’m not trying to diminish the sad situation the USA has been in with lack of jobs etc.. Yes, I understand people are grateful to get a job once you lose one for just plain survival reasons… What I am trying to state is that no job owns you and YES, there is always something better for each and every one of you IF your current job does not bring you personal/professional satisfaction. Now, going back to the “Could be worst!” guy…. In MY experience this usually comes from the “experienced” guy, the guy who has had longevity in the company…..which flat out to me, translates as the comfortable guy who will come in and go home every single day and has accepted his role in life! Doesn’t aim in improving mentally and even financially other than the 3% raise every couple of years and everyone knows he’ll be retiring some day AT THAT SAME POSITION. Hey, world needs grave diggers too! Every single individual should have their information out in the market, every day, every month and not be afraid of change! This is kind of like when someone says “I wish I could win the lottery”, but never plays! Things won’t change unless you make them change, no one will call you for an opportunity unless they know who you are. I don’t see this as an offense to your current employer! Every company out there praises themselves as being a great company to work for, let them keep working hard to prove to you they are worth working for and when you get up in the morning, and do not feel good about going to work – the company is not doing a good job of impressing you. I know this is cyclical and every job has it’s ups and downs, but you yourself know what I’m talking about! The best time to look for a job is when you have one! Employers are people too and they know this to be true. The notion that the grass always “seems” greener, or that every company is the same….yes, there is some truth to that, but I am positive people you know work for companies which are worse than the one you work for and others that are better….be it better pay, benefits, bonuses, atmosphere, people, location, working rules – whatever it is you look for in an occupation, you know someone who is better off and others who are less fortunate…..which automatically means – the grass can definitely be greener. After that, what will happen is, your surroundings will become familiar and routine….you may or may not fall into the same trap of “this job sucks”, and the beauty of it is…you can start the cycle again!

If you are able to recognize how the work place has changed….not sure I want to use the word evolved here…. maybe you may want to change with it and take advantage of the situation….the generations coming behind us, due to technology or what have you, are an instant gratification generation, they need information now, recognition now and positive feedback now, or else their interest level drops to the basement and they move on. It is for sure, the complete opposite of what generations past preached, but it is neither wrong or right….it is different. So as those of my not so old generation find ourselves sandwiched in between two complete opposite ideologies when it comes to longevity in the work place, which sometimes gets engulfed with pride, interlaced with loyalty and submerged in what we were taught, it’s up to us to analyze each of our own situations and make a choice……I find the adaptation of both ideologies to be enticing….Always keep an eye out, until you find that one job of your dreams…..then, keep an eye out again!


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