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Interpretation of Confusion: Power Thirst

Updated on July 30, 2013

This hub is more about a question that an assertion. The question has to do with reasons behind the mistreatment of people for your own personal enjoyment or to self-promote your own power struggle.

I have been recently exposed to stories within the work place concerning people with some kind of title who routinely, systematically and I have to say purposely treat other human beings like crap. Don’t get me wrong, I know some people are very difficult to manage or get along with (see Interpretation of Confusion: Dumb)….but to treat people like crap just because you have a superior position than them?? That doesn’t fly with me. So….my question is not how to stop the bullying, or how to report bullying….the question has to do with what satisfaction is there in treating others as if they were inferiors just because of a title? Of course my first analysis of this question brings me to the easiest and quickest conclusion which is the thirst for power, makes one feel superior because he/she is able to tell people what to do and how to do it! Being a boss, you automatically have that “power” so; belittling people must be stimulated by something else. The word that comes to mind is perverse! You have to be somewhat perverse to treat people in a manner which only in your mind you are a more important entity than them. Being a boss, you already have some manipulative powers, not sure why you would have to exercise them constantly to humiliate others in order to promote your power….which by the way, is already yours due to the hierarchy of the company you work for. I won’t go into any examples since I’m sure you have plenty of examples on your own. I understand that my way of thinking is not widespread and we all know abusive managers all over, the question is why are they like this?? Is it because they were treated like crap at some point in their lives….is it because they are narcissists…is it because they are plain evil/mean/perverse? Is it because their boss treats them that way and it just flows down, or was it the way they were taught to manage? Maybe they are just plain arse holes! Maybe it’s all of the above….Don’t know why…what would you say?

One thing is for sure….what goes around comes around!


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