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Interstate moving? full service movers or U-haul

Updated on June 11, 2012

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Choosing the right movers!

If you have been moved by professional full service movers previously, you probably understand what an important decision this can be!

Depending on whether that experience was good or bad, you were either relieved or overwhelmed with the stress of that haphazard decision. We've all heard the horror stories of a nightmare move, and face some amount of anxiety with placing everything we own in the hands of complete strangers.

If your recent moves were good, stick with those professionals that you know from experience. If you are new to interstate moving or have had bad experiences with recent moves, this article is for you.

Recent changes to moving industry:

If you will bear with me for just a moment, most people are unaware of the devastating effects of both the tragedy of 9/11 and the housing crisis played on the moving business. Before the year 2000, 87% of interstate moves were corporations moving their people around to new offices to expand their operations. After the 9/11 tragedy, wives were no longer so willing to move to new locations without extended family and friends nearby. Then the housing crisis happened making it more difficult to buy and sell homes, with the economic downturn that followed causing most moving companies severe fianancial hardships.

As many as 35% of the smaller companies have gone out of business, while most are scrambling for enough moves to stay afloat finiancially hoping to survive until better times. While this is in the customers favor pricewise, since most moving companies will discount a move 65-75% off of tariff rates just to get your business. On the other hand, most of their experienced drivers and movers have retired or gone to other jobs since they could no longer make a living in this business. I'm one of these many mover/drivers that have given up on this profession, so I speak from experience.

Don't let price be the only factor, choose one of the half dozen national moving companies;such as Graebel, N.American , United, Mayflower, Allied, Wheaton, or Atlas, preferrably one with an office near your destination to insure your moving experience ends well. When getting estimates from movers, ask for a binding estimate; one that can't go up on price. Know your rights as a moving customer by getting info at www.protect your

Many of the major movers have lost 50-65% of their drivers and movers, so when you are booking your move make sure they have the trucks and drivers to cover your move without off-loading into a warehouse, or changing trucks. Ask for packers and movers with at least 5-10 yrs. of experience, and be sure to buy enough valuation (insurance) to cover replacing your valuables in case of any problems. Again, stick with those you know from experience or the major companies that set industry standards and will make things right, if there are any damages. If you can't afford the price of the major companies, you can bring the price down by doing the packing; putting all of the loose and fragile articles into cartons yourself.

Don't just pick the lowball price, remember you do get what you pay for, consider renting a truck or Pods. then hiring professionals to help you pack boxes, move the heavy stuff, and load the truck right, even drivers can be hired to drive your rental. Many professional movers can be found at e-move or at more reasonable prices.You will be better off going this route than hiring a cheap fly by night moving company that destroys your things and is out of business before you can recover any losses.

Save big money by doing your own packing; where you buy your own cartons and pack all your loose and personal articles in cartons, so it can be moved efficiently.

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