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Interview Details for Amazon Jobs in Chicago, Illinois

Updated on July 15, 2017

Step One Securing your Amazon Warehouse Position

Want to work for Amazon in Chicago? You’re in luck! Amazon has plenty jobs available at warehouse locations including the location 2801 S Western Ave. The warehouse has been updated, and the employees are now claiming to benefit through working there. I stated “claiming “and I will explain why later in this article.

The interview process is simple enough, although it does have its flaws. First, you’ll apply online through the amazon jobs portal and select your location. If you do get a response back from Amazon, an offer of employment, you’ll have to be extra quick with your response and any document submissions.

The normal rate for response is 3 weeks to 1 month. Although, some have reported wait times of much longer to secure a job at Amazon. If you’re in Chicago, primarily on the west and Southside of Chicago, your best location choice is the Western Ave location. Your response from Amazon would be in the form of a job offer located at the bottom right-side when logging in to check your status. Amazon will also email a tax form to the email address you registered.

Amazon Jobs Frustrations,Flaws and All

The Amazon job portal does have its flaws, such as not being able to press the submit button after you’ll filled out all the additional information pertaining to your application. Don’t give up if you’re really interested in this job. If you’ve an interview scheduled and have not been able to complete the application and tax form process online, this can be completed on-site same day as scheduled Amazon interview.

There is a drug test submission and background check performed. Drug tests will either be cotton mouth swab or hair strand. I believe they started the hair strand because the cotton swab became too easy to manipulate. Yes, there were actually Amazon employees through the SMX staffing agency who manipulated the swab tests to secure jobs.

You’re not asked any in depth questions, nothing that you should be fearful of answering. It’s a very quick and easy process, as simple as just showing up. After being hired, you’d either start work the same week, or the week after in most cases. Although when I did my undercover stint working the 2801 S Western location for a few months to gather factual detail of the process, they may have made additions in terms of work performed at this location.

Amazon Jobs Not Right for Some, Quite Right for Others

When I worked for Amazon at the western location in Chicago, I basically relocated and scanned boxes on a daily basis. My chosen shit was overnight, and the time does pass quickly when all you do is work for 4 hours. Now, we can focus more on the statement of claim I made earlier in the article.

The benefits in working for Amazon are not great, in fact there are no real benefits. You’ve only 4 hours to work, that’s not a lot of earning if you have a family to feed and major expenses. Overtime is hardly offered, and if it is, there is a limit to how much overtime you can obtain. The people in charge will actually approach you and order you to take days off, keep in mind they’re watching your time sheets exact, and not willing to pay you any extra in overtime unless they absolutely need you. The only overtime you’d likely see is during the holidays, which does not add up to much.

With working for Amazon, especially within the Chicago locations, you should not expect the job to be long lasting. Now, the Chicago Amazon location 2801 S Western, I found to be quite unorganized. When I worked there, they had the staffing agency SMX in charge, and although SMX is supposedly no longer in charge, not much has changed.

Keep Away from the Food Trucks Visiting During Amazon Break

Security is also not top notch, although I’ve meant a few security guards at Amazon on western who were super fun. But, they will not risk their lives protecting you. Might want to access mace or stun guns for protection both outside and within the warehouse. Primarily, the employees at this location are young, some just leaving high school, others acting as though they should be in high school, not all employees are the same, not all are focused on what they’ve been hired to do.

If you still feel that Amazon jobs are perfect for you, by all means, do apply. Just keep in mind the positions and pay is not stable. This job is more of a starter job for young adults just entering the work field. It’s not for the elderly, as they are quite disrespected here, and unable to keep up with routine.

Also, stay away from the 2 food trucks which frequent the Amazon 2801 S Western location. The food is very unhealthy, at times has been spoiled, and the drivers are untrustworthy. Many complain about stomach problems upon eating, but because this is the only access to food during the 30 minute break, they choose to eat that stuff regardless.

The Problems with Amazon Jobs Keep Flowing

You may experience all sorts of problems here, including being shorted many hours on your paycheck. Scheduling conflicts, among other things which are not settled overnight. If you find that you’re missing several hours, you can expected to be compensated within at least 4 weeks, the process has not gotten speedier.

You’ll be working closely with other employees near a conveyer belt, most likely a team of 4 of you on each side of the table. The packages will speed fast down the conveyer and you will have to be just as fast moving those packages to the correct bins. After this is completed, before your shift ends, you’ll likely have to move a heavy tall cart full of packages across the large warehouse to set it near the pickup driver’s location for delivery.

You’ll actually move several of these carts, and keep in mind they are also counting how many you’ve moved, no getting out of this. When your shift ends you’ll be literally drained, it will feel as though you’ve worked 12 hours instead of 4, not good for someone 120 to 140 pounds. Definitely not good for someone overweight as can lead to health problems. Amazon will work you like slaves the little 4 hours you’re clocked in, and this is why they should be paying more.

Not to mention, the people on your team at a certain point may start slacking, and you all will risk being written up. Many employees will be quite disrespectful, this includes staff in higher positions. The locker space will be lacking, whereas you may find yourself having to leave your coat, cell phone and other personal belongings in the wait area or small cafeteria. Those items are not allowed in the warehouse section of the building.

What Happens in Amazon, Stays in Amazon

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    • profile image

      Shamika 7 months ago

      I work at this location and everything mentioned in this article is true. I just work here cause it fit my school hours. Food trucks are nasty.