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Interview Examples and Interview Answer Guide

Updated on August 3, 2017

Office Job

Photo credit: Everjean
Photo credit: Everjean

Interview Examples for You

Answering interview questions can be very stressful. My husband is a manager and he has had several opportunities to interview people for jobs. I have been at the receiving end of a few job interviews myself. Add to that the many interviews my husband has been interviewed for, and that adds up to lots of interview experience.

My husband and I were talking one night about our many job interviews. It was uncanny how many job interview questions come up again and again. My husband says the latest thing with job interviews seems to be the group job interview. In this type of interview, the process involves many interviewers sitting down at once with the job seeker. My husband has been at both the receiving and giving end of these types of interviews. He has heard many of the interview questions that come up. This type of interview situation can be especially stressful for someone.

As an interview guide, my husband and I have come up with these sample interview questions that always seem to pop up. The following are 10 popular interview questions and sample answers.

To prepare for your job interview, look over these commonly asked interview examples and have an interview answer in mind for each of them. Because believe me, more than a few of these interview questions will probably be asked at your next job interview.

First 5 Interview Examples and Interview Answer Guide

Tell me a little about yourself.

Okay, this isn't a job interview question per se, but it will probably come up in an interview. Even though this is an open-ended question, keep your answer to this job interview question to something that bears relation to the potential job position you are seeking. Talk about your personal strengths or something career or education related that makes you the most proud, et cetera. Don't ramble on and on or you will seem egotistical. Keep your answer short and relevant.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Be honest about your strengths. What are they and how do they relate to a career? If you are a good friend, you can say that you are a loyal, dedicated worker. But don't stop there. Just like the interview question mentioned above, give specific examples as to how you have been a dedicated worker in the past.

The weaknesses part of this job interview question is sneaky. The job interviewer really wants to know your weaknesses at work. However, you shouldn't give him a solid answer to this. It is time to be sneaky yourself.

Name a true weakness that really isn't a problem or that your employer already knows. Something like "I don't have as much related job experience as other applicants, but I am a quick learner" will suffice.

If you mention a true weakness, choose something that is not serious and be sure to mention that you are working on improving. Try an answer like, "I am somewhat shy at first, but am working on being more outgoing with people when I first meet them." (Of course, if you are aiming for a sales job position or something else that requires lots of assertiveness, this isn't a good choice.) Another example might be "I get bored easily, so I like to learn new things and take on new projects".

Be sure to stick with just one weakness. Don't give a laundry list of flaws to your job interviewer!

Are you a team player?

Always answer this common job interview question with a yes and give examples of how you have been a team player in past jobs.

Describe your ideal job.

If asked this job interview question, don't give an answer such as "This one". Give an honest answer about general job qualities that you desire, and don't name specific job positions. Try to incorporate positive traits of the job position that you are applying for into your interview answer.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

This has become a very common job interview question. The best answer here is an honest one. The job interviewer wants to be sure that you are a good fit for the job. And you should want the same. Most important of all is to answer in a way that shows that you wish to stay with the company for at least that long. Limit your response to professional goals.

Next 5 Interview Examples and Interview Answer Guide

What salary are you seeking?

Do not name numbers here. Just like any other business transaction, the first one that names a figure loses. Ask the job interviewer what the typical salary is for that position. If you are pinned down for an answer, give an answer with a broad salary range and not an exact figure or answer that you would like the industry standard for the position. If you don't already know, you should research the salary range for the position you are seeking so that you may give a reasonable response to this job interview question.

Why should I hire you?

Ah, the ultimate job interview question. Don't let it trip you up. Be very specific with your answer to this question. Don't give a general interview answer, such as "I am a hard worker". Give specific examples of why you are especially suited to this particular job position.

What was your reason for leaving your last job position?

Give an honest answer to this question without becoming negative. If your last job ended badly, don't badmouth the company or managers. This is the quickest way to blow a job interview.

Think of a way to put a positive twist on the reason for leaving your job while still being honest. An example would be, "I left my last job because I wanted to advance, but there were no opportunities available". Do not go into too many details if the experience was a negative one.

Have you ever been terminated?

This job interview question is closely related to the one above. Of course if you haven't, answer no. But if you have been fired, be honest. And follow the guidelines for the above question.

Do you have any questions?

Be sure to have a couple of questions if this comes up. This is the job interview question where you can really stand out from the rest of the job applicants.

Do some research about the company before you show up for your job interview. Then ask relevant questions that show that you have knowledge of the company. This shows a real interest and will impress the interviewer.

Be sure to ask relevant questions, however, and not just try to show that you have researched the company. And ask questions that you really want to know the answers. For instance, "Your company has offices in the Midwest region. Are there any plans to open an office in the Chicago area soon?"

Another excellent interview example question for this is to ask the interviewer why they enjoy working for the company. This gives the interviewer a chance to talk a bit and will probably cause your job interview to stand out from the rest.

Good Luck Answering Those Tough Job Interview Questions

These sample interview questions should help you prepare for your job interview and aid you when answering interview questions at your next job opportunity. Use these as an interview guide and your chances at becoming hired at your dream job should improve.

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      5 years ago

      Android Game Development takes more than knowledge bkceeabadgdg

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      9 years ago

      It was nice and usefull to know how the interview is conducted and how we have to prepare ourself for interview thank u

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      10 years ago

      InterviewExamples and InterviewAnswerGuide

      it Was very well written, I support you, welcome to my hub


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