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The Phone Interview Rating System

Updated on June 2, 2013



Interviewing the Applicants

First of all, I had a job before where we were doing interview work. It was a position where we did interviewing for several companies. It was over the phone in a call center. Several companies employed this company to do the interviews for them. They were busy and this way the interviewing was made easy for them. It was all for phone interviews. The people would think they were calling the company.

We were trained how to do it. The companies all had different rating systems that they would use for interviewing the applicants. There were some large companies that used the service from all over the country. The company itself is in Chicago. I thought it would be difficult for the people being interviewed that way. That is because the interviewing was mainly going to attempt to screen them out. In some cases, you would not even have a chance if you messed something up to go ahead with the interview. You would just be thanked and the interview would be over. They would not tell you exactly what happened on it.

I know one of the companies that employed them was a market research company in Chicago. There was a major department store that used them to screen out employees.

The Process of Interviewing

Right at the start the person would be tested on the interview. That is because they had to know their phone number right away. If they did not know their phone number well enough to repeat it back to the interviewer it would not work out well in the point system for them. If they asked for their address, they would also need to have it and give it to the interviewer with no problems.

I would find that to be kind of irritating as a way of doing interviewing. That is similar to what the telemarketing companies do if they try to interview someone. They try to get the phone number and your name. It is some inept interviewing techniques. But that is what they do. They figure if someone does not know their phone number very well it is better not to hire them. The thing is that people do have a new phone number sometimes that they do not have memorized. If they did not repeat it back right away, you were supposed to take off points. That is what is going on in the interviewing a lot of the time.

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Phone Voice Check

So, as many people already know your phone voice is being checked on an interview. It is not just the voice quality but the personality and your attitude. But you may not realize how seriously it is taken. The interviewer would have a scale of 1 to 10 in which to grade the person's voice that they were interviewing. For each job that the person might be interviewing for, there was a certain number on the scale that had to be met. So 10 of course would be best, and down to one would be the worst type of phone voice.

For the interviewing position at this company itself that was doing the interviewing a 7 on the scale would have to have been received by their interviewer. For some positions they had they would require a 10 on the scale to be met. For others that were only manual labor they could even get just a one on the scale and they would still send them over. It would depend on what the interviewer would rate them as. I think that is all good to know. In this day and age, you need all that you can in order to get ahead.

Interview Questions

The companies as you might expect, all had their own individual questions that they would have us ask the applicants. They would be the same questions asked to each applicant. There was a rating system to all of the questions.

For questions of what you would do in a certain situation, we would rate the answers. It went by how well they answered the questions. Most of the time they were supposed to mention certain things in their answers. For instance, they were supposed to employ a logical method for getting their work done on time.

One of the questions gave more points for a person asking God for help when they were in trouble at work. I did not think that sounded right or like something someone should do at work. But that was a part of it for that one. The person that asked for help in that way would get some extra points for it.

The questions had to be answered in a good tone of voice. They had to not stall too much on the phone. The answers were supposed to be smooth and to make sense.

One of the questions was if they had worked there before for one of the companies. If they had they could not be hired again. It would not say that to the person though that was being interviewed.

Another thing they did was about someone being handicapped. If they were some companies would not want them to go ahead in the process. That is really discrimination.

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Interviewing Summary

I am sure people that work in employment agencies and such know all about this. It is something that a lot of people realize. But I do not think that many realize just how they are being rated. It is important to watch out for what you are saying to an interviewer.

If someone is interested in this, there are many books in the library or stores from the side of the interviewer or employer telling about how to interview people. Many of the Internet sites also list the interview questions that people ask on interviews.

Many interviewers are really not that good at it. You can really be at a disadvantage with some of them that have formed a negative opinion about you about some little thing they do not like. Many of them are just frustrated themselves and they can take it out on the applicants.

A long time ago, an employment agency girl offered me a job working there with even interviewing. I did not want to go in that direction then. I used to get a ride to work with one of the HR people from I Magnin in San Francisco. We also used to talk to a woman who worked at one of the employment agencies in New York at the women's residence. So it was not that much of a surprise to me.


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