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Interviewing Tips

Updated on September 20, 2013
Business Professional Dress
Business Professional Dress

Dress to Impress

You may think appropriately dressing for an interview is a skill that everyone is aware of and has mastered. On the contrary. It amazes me how applicants come dressed for an interview these days. I've seen everything from cleavage to flip flops. Please realize that your appearance is the first impression you give an interviewer after your application or resume. Normally, it is their first visual impression of you. You can easily turn the interviewer off at first sight just by the way you dress. You can be eliminated from job contention before you even open your mouth just by that first impression. Think about that. Don't let that mistake keep you from the job you need. Here are my tips to make your first visual impression a favorable impression:

Do Your Homework

Take some time to research appropriate interview dress. Go online and review pictures of professional dress, business casual and casual dress. There are differences that a potential hire needs to be aware of. Your perception of professional may be different from someone else's. I have found that younger workers' perception of professional dress is totally different from mine. Tight fitting, short and revealing may be considered professional to them. Today's fashionable wear may not necessarily be acceptable professional wear. Let me say it another way...professional dress does not mean fashionable dress. Know the difference.

Don't Assume Every Company Dresses Casual

My recommendation is to visit the company if at all possible and observe how the employees are dressed on most days. Even if they are dressed casually, upgrade your dress for the interview. You can always dress down after you get the job. However if you are too casually dressed at the interview, oftentimes you will not get the opportunity to dress up!

Do your homework. Make your first impression a WOW impression by dressing appropriately

How To Answer Interviewing Questions

Answering questions succintly and direct is one of the keys to acing an interview. The most important thing to remember is to be sure to answer the question! Don't go off on a tangent, around the world and back, answer the question directly. Some of the most common interviewing questions are:

Tell me about yourself: The interviewer does not want to hear about where you're from and your personal life. He wants to hear about what you can bring to the table in relation to the job. Be sure to interject keyword skills in your answer that were listed in the advertisement.

Why should I hire you over other qualified candidates?- Emphasize that you have what the company is looking for. Yes, you may be a great, dependable employee but if you don't have the skills, knowledge and abilities listed, forget it.

Always Follow-up With a Note

If you don't have time to write a personal note, at least send an email thanking the person for the interview. Re-emphasize why you are the person for the job and that hiring you is the thing to do. Follow up notes go a long way. Don't underestimate them.


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