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Interviewing Better

Updated on April 4, 2017

Interview tips:

If you're like me, interviewing is not easy. It's stressful. Here are some tips and tricks to nail that job!

1. You should interview yourself in the mirror, out loud. You can also find a friend or family member to interview you. Ask them for feedback as well as tips.

2. You need to become familiar with your strengths. Write them down, and memorize them. Of course, your strengths should come natural to you, but often times the stress of the interview can make you forget your best qualities.

3. Dress for the job. If you're interviewing for a Secretary job, dress nice. Make sure your hair is maintained. Opt out on too fancy hairstyles. Curl it, or straighten it, fancy updo's say you're trying to hard. Now, if you're applying for a construction job, dress comfortable. Jeans and a t-shirt will do. Simply, dress the part.

4. Eye contact. Not only does it help the employer connect with you, but it also gives the impression you genuinely care about the job.

5. Answer the question as quickly as possible. Go with your first instinct. Remember, you've memorized your strengths, answer with them. It's okay to take a second, but you don't want to appear as though you really have to think hard to find a good quality in yourself.

6. Be honest. Most employers can tell when you're lying. (If you must lie, do so while keeping eye contact.)

7. If they ask you, "What is a weakness you have, and how do you overcome it?" You must answer this question! They are testing you. It's okay here to take a minute to think about it. It shows you're really struggling with thinking of what you're weaknesses are. If your current or past employers always love you, then just saying something like "I don't think they would change anything. (Insert your strengths here) However, If I had to choose one thing, I think I need to work on, it would be (Insert something here) Employers love when you're able to see your own weaknesses. You are not perfect. No one is. So don't make yourself out to be. If you do, they may be disappointed when you start to show one.


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