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Inventory Sample

Updated on May 30, 2010

Inventory samples is something that is occassionally mentioned but not always explained or provided. In general this can happen from warehouse inventory stock taking to scientific projects or in data analysis. Simply put inventory is a collection of items, that could range from simple things like the number of cameras in the shop to data samples collected from scientific experiments.

The thing is, there is insufficient guidance on how to go about it as the scope of the two words themselves are unclear. Searching online is also not a great help as out of what one sees, they are a smattering of grossly divergent and unrelated topic matter.

In one side there is a PDF about schools, it is only one single page about the space of those schools and it is hard to see what relation it has if any to inventory samples. It might be there due to a mistake but a lot of people will end up downloading it and naturally end up confused.

On the other hand there is the more useful lab sample inventory that deals with helping you find software to handle lab data, greatly helping scientists doing on the field experimental research. There are both information and resource available on how to obtain the software as well as how to use it properly.

The main restriction with that however that one must keep in mind would be that not everyone who is looking at inventory samples would be thinking of using it for scientific pursuits.

Not everyone wants to use a web application to manage mass quantities and large amounts of samples coming out from the lab. They would not find it important that it be 'field proven' so to speak.

If you are running a business, or an activity that requires some form of inventory management or analysis, you might be better of trying to look for sample inventory reports or some other inventory software that can be customized for your needs. Many kinds of inventory software can take samples out of your inputted inventory and form useful and manifold extrapolations and deductions from it.


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