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Inventory Sample of LAN shops

Updated on June 2, 2010

If you plan to set up a LAN centre or a LAN shop, it is an interesting business model that has succeeded in a number of places. After the initial outlay, the only thing left to do is to keep up with all the hot games that are coming out in the market as well as rental and electricity and that is it for continued variable costs in running it. Depending on your area, rental might be cheap and electricity might be cheap. If it wasn't then you would need to work on it in other ways.

For your inventory sample it depends on the type of clientele your market is targeting. At the cheapest end there are those 1 dollar per hour shops where people essentially use it for Internet, namely for web conferencing like over Skype, or just to use Facebook and perhaps play Facebook flash games. These kinds of market is easily satisfied with old computers with old parts that can result in a pc each under a few hundred dollars. So long as it can start up and use the Internet smoothly it is more than sufficient.

The other common possibility would be a console shop. It is common to see a few isolated clusters of wiis and ps3s as well as xbox360s hanging around the LAN shops. For a piece of hardware that is cheaper than a pc, they sure can fetch a higher rate per hour. If there is a market for linked console multiplayer games in your area then you can try this. Take heed that it might well be harder to reach any form of economies of scales. That is it is harder to find discounts when buying in bulk for either the consoles or the games. You might get them at wholesale retailer price. And that is it for the alternative forms of purchasing items and filling lanshop sample inventory reports, the rest would be covered in a later page in this series.


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