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Inventory Spreadsheet Software

Updated on June 12, 2010

To create an inventory spreadsheet, or to even open one that is downloaded from the internet, one would need an inventory spreadsheet software, of course the software to open up the document would not be called that. For comparison sake, we would contrast Microsoft Excel and Google documents and see which one is more appropriate for your own uses.

Google Documents

Pros (good stuff)

Free, totally, accessible from a google account. This means that one file can be shared and accessed over as many different computers as is possible so long as they are connected to the internet. This means you can send over your sample expense report and other documents.

Cons (bad stuff)

Requires constant connection to the internet, without which it cannot function. This might be a problem in areas without good internet connectivity.

It may be more difficult to work with local file transfer as you would then have to download the file before moving it into your thumb drive

Might face compatibility problems trying to synch with microsoft office users. Thus has the potential in becoming a problem when transferring data.

Microsoft Office

Pros (good stuff)

Established standard in office work, compatible everywhere since almost everyone is using it.

Much of the guides in books or on the internet are of course usually written with excel in mind.

It will be the spreadsheet software that almost everyone would use to make their inventory sheets.

If you’ve searched or googled for sample inventory sheets, odds are it came from someone with Excel who used it to create that.

Cons (bad stuff)

High cost and is expensive, especially with multiple computers, even if there are sufficient computers for a discount bundle.

Pretty much a bad idea if you have some computer terminals sitting right beside your inventory area such as a warehouse that is not that often used to justify the few hundreds in buying microsoft office.

Ultimately the key draw of google documents is that it is free and easy to integrate with google flow, if cost is not an issue microsoft office is probably better for you to run as your main inventory spreadsheet software.


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