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Investing in Obama's stimulus package

Updated on April 7, 2012
hospitals needs better equipments
hospitals needs better equipments

Companies that poised to benefit from Obama's stimulus package

Barack Obama is one of a few presidents in history to have made the presidency seems more like a regular job. He answers first to the public who placed him in office before listening to members of congress. The senate disagrees with the stimulus package, he ran back on his campaigning mode. Disagreements with members of congress, he goes complain to the American Public. Problem in Afghanistan, what are the American people saying. Well, what we’re saying Mr. President is that you keep this up, you’ll guarantee yourself a second term.

Companies that poised to benefit from Obama's stimulus package have considered three options that posed a priority to why this stimulus package will help stimulate the economy, and consequently help their business grow. First, most companies seem to have been in compliance with the four million jobs the president said this stimulus will create. They believe that job lost have caused their business to decline in sales. So as a result, they see the president plan to stimulate the economy as an opportunity for their business to prosper again.

ABB which is company that provides power and automation technologies to a broad base of utility, industrial, and commercial customers, regard the stimulus promised by the president as a growth opportunity. They believe that this stimulus money can help their business prosper.

Second, some companies alleged that the plan does even a better service when it’s being used to help the sick. The new stimulus package that the House passed includes $20 billion to help get health information technology off the ground. Investing in health care is a major concern, every year a great number of medical errors occurred because hospitals and health clinics are not equipped to properly assist care to the sick. On the same token, this stimulus will also help Americans to continue receive health care benefit even after they have been laid off.

With this plan in effect, companies like Quality Systems (QSII) will benefit from this stimulus because the loans and grants that will become available will help doctors and hospitals to purchase electronic medical records equipments through Quality Systems & companies like Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solution (MDRX). These are just a few things that the stimulus package can help achieved, health care and medical equipments are just a small part of it.

Third, as explained by the president, a good portion of this money will venture into buying out bad mortgage loans from banks as a mean to prevent citizns from losing their homes and for the banks to keep oporating. I believe that the stimulus package can work in that sector providing that citizens honor the credit crunch while the banks slowly make credit available to the masses.

We the people will have to play our part in the economy by changing our spending habits. It may be important to remember that it was loans & credits that got us in this predicament. We took too much loans and accumulated too much credits at one time. We should then change the way we manage our debt by changing our spending habit. The poised for us to continue benefiting from this stimulus for a long term prospects will have to incorporate a change on our part, and that change is the one we seek.


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    • irving6cunningha profile image

      irving6cunningha 7 years ago

      this is a great post! you are a good writer! I have written on the health care bill on my lense! please take a look~

    • Coolbreezing profile image

      James Dubreze 9 years ago from New York, New York

      I agreed completely

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 9 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Obama ran on a campaign of "Change" - and who in America could think for one minute that we can afford to continue to do as we have done? Even though for all intents and purposes we have crashed and burned?

      We are in a depression - this is not a recession. Yet, the American people are too financially naive to comprehend a depression. So we still think we have time to whine and complain and demand and stamp our consumer feet. Sigh!

      This society has to 'change' so totally to prevent this from happening again. The President is using the right word 'transparency' and even providing it. Thus far we have not had this - we have had no checks and balances, no oversight - nothing.

      Yet, I am glad for this depression. It is the only way Americans would come together and effect change - otherwise it would be ignorant business as usual as it has been for decades and scores and centuries.