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Is AdblockPlus killing Adsense earnings?

Updated on June 14, 2010

Technology background

AdblockPlus is becoming more and more popular nowadays as it provides users a solution to block many ad providers like Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Private ads, WidgetBucks, Adbrite, BidVertiser, Affiliate Ads and More. This is pretty useful for some users that dislike ads but it is hurting well Adsense publishers earnings? or just only ad impressions. Adblockplus claims that you can regain control of the internet and change the way that you view the web. Like it or not web content is powered by ads, it's so simple that if you block ads on websites you are also blocking professional authors from providing more and more nice content just for free.

Blocking authors? You are maybe thinking I am going crazy, but yes! you are blocking authors from providing you new content. You may have noticed that there are lots of sites providing free content that you can see without paying anything. You should also know that this sites even providing free content for you still have to pay for their hosting, domain names and many more. If you have a blog, write on Hubpages or any other sites you know that this is time consuming and there are lots of hard work behind a good article. And you are providing this useful information to all visitors just for free.

Then, how can this sites still be profitable? You got it, it's because of their ads. You can love a lot what you do, but if it takes lots of your time and you need to pay for it just for not seeing any revenue, you should aware that it makes no sense keep writing good articles.

Money image from yomanimus on Flicker, Creative Commons license
Money image from yomanimus on Flicker, Creative Commons license

My thoughts on this

Some people may think that AdblockPlus is killing web 2.0, content provided by users that even they don't think of being rich still thinking in avoiding some costs related with maintaning his site online. We are talking about publishers like you and me, not talking about those that are earning thousands of dollars each month. Of course, I think that money is a good reward for you and for trying to do things better.

I don't really think that Adblockplus users will click on your ads but now for sure they will not even see it. Is this really so bad? You are not displaying ads to people that just don't want to see them and for sure they don't want to click on them.

I don't think this is so bad, the first think I see when I enter Adblockplus site is: save your time and traffic. Really interesting thing, of course from a end user point of view but also from a publisher point of view. Yes I know, we are not saving traffic from our hosting because ads are just not hosted on our own site as they are coming from Google's servers but it's true that ads are making your page load slower. And what about time? You are just not showing ads to a visitor who just don't want to see it, your saving visitor's time and also yours: just don't force nobody to see your ads if they don't want to see it and go straight to what really matters, don't loose time and show them your valuable content.

There are sites claiming that can block Adblockplus, I don't think that forced ads are a good idea. Maybe it's true that if you don't want to see ads from a certain site maybe you should not visit that site, but forced ads gives a bad image on a site.

Please see that this is only my opinion and would be very to have some thoughts of "hubbers" around, so please feel free to answer this poll or leave a comment at the end.

Hubbers opinion

You think that Adblockplus

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Should I care about AdBlockplus?

I don't think that ad blocking should affect your Adsense earnings at all but maybe your variables in terms on less page (really only ads) impressions and your CTR should grow if non-click users are using Ad blocking.

Currently Adblockplus is a featured Firefox add-on. It has 81,062,355 downloads and 10,201,286 and 7,445,514 average daily active users since Jan. 17, 2006 according to statistics:

Adblock plus statistics
Adblock plus statistics


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    • RotavatoR profile image

      Cliff Fraser 5 years ago from Bodrum, Turkey

      Life is a game of dodge and swerve. In the beginning there were no ads on the Internet and Google used Inktomi for their search results. As the years passed 'relevant' information on search result pages went from 100% to around 30%, with the very pale pink background 'Google Ads' appearing at the top, right side and bottom of the page. Then there was the proliferation of ads scattered around web content pages. AdBlock and the like have helped restore some of the freedom of the Internet. The very same technology that allowed ads to be foisted on us has come to the rescue. In much the same way that the technology that allowed the recorded music industry to sell us the same copyrighted material every time a new recording format appeared was taken away by file sharing technology. So if you jumped on the Ad-sense bandwagon to make a fast buck, don't start whining because Joe Gullible Public has found a way to side-step the Internet Ad phenomenon. Move with the times, there will always be manipulators of any system and it's human nature to dodge and swerve.

    • profile image

      Axel Kincaid 6 years ago

      If the majority of ads were static and placed on the page with some care, then it really wouldn't be an issue. I myself block the things because it's kind of hard to read an article with a bunch of dancing images all 'round the edges...

    • profile image

      timonweller 6 years ago

      I reckon these are effecting the earnings, in some new installed computers in Australia these types of programs are added by default so that would knock down conversions for sure..

    • profile image

      ZahraBrown 7 years ago from London, England

      I don't mind adverts, but it is VERY irritating when adverts plant themselves in the middle of the page when you're doing something, or even start playing a video you didn't ask for. It's intrusive, and Adblock gives people some control back.

    • chinemeremz profile image

      chinemeremz 7 years ago

      Thanks byte for this very sound but devastating news. Adblock or what ever they call themselves will still become a victim of the "dotcom bubble burst" just as it is with sites like it. One more thing, I trust the big 'G' they sure know how to handle impostor like this. Thanks once more for this wonderful and insight filled info.

    • bytecoders profile image

      bytecoders 7 years ago from Spain

      Hi SunSeven,

      that's really true. If browsers come with built-in adblockers, this could be the end of ads on internet.

      Maybe Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will not come with built-in adblockers because Google has Adsense and Microsoft seems to be launching PubCenter but there is also Firefox and many others out there.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • SunSeven profile image

      SunSeven 7 years ago from Singapore / India

      The worst scenario will be when these browsers come with built in adblockers. Great Hub. Thumbs up for you.

      Best Regards