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Is Article Marketing A Sustainable Business

Updated on October 9, 2011

There is no doubt that articles are here to stay even if the web evolves to something different.

Is it really possible to make money writing articles?

Absolutely, as long as you have readers with money to spend.

There are many ways to earn money with article marketing.

But what this hub is about is if it is really sustainable to write articles and earn money.

Well, it all depends on where you publish your articles. If you write for your blog, in the beginning you will see no traffic and no money because you are just getting started. Actually, starting a blog is seen as a long term project. Writing a blog means you need to have thousands of posts full of information for searches, there is no way you can do it in less than a year, especially if you share your time with a day job.

Writing for article directories on the other hand means you will start to make money almost instantly because they have the traffic and you have the products. Choose article directories which allow you to insert affliate links.

Article marketing is very sustainable when it is done right.

With a blog you need to have a network of links both incoming and outgoing because Google is the main responsible for all the traffic on the web and without Google you are completely lost, almost no one will come to your blog.

Think of link building like article writing, both are critical to your success.

Article marketing is a real money maker for people who know how to make the article rank high on Google, that is the most important step. With traffic, articles will make money automatically.

Read everything you can gets your hands on about Google SEO. Most of the books will pay too much attention to the detail such as keywords. Sure keywords are important, but they are not nearly as important as links.

For example, if you write an article about article marketing and you publish it on a Blogger blog, you will not even be indexed by Google.

On the other hand if you published that article on Wikihow or eHow, it would automatically have gone to the top of Google search results.

Google is NOT smart.

Google is just a bot, it does whatever it was programmed to and the people who did it are not pertect or all wise, far from it.

Learn how to get as many links as possible to your pages by making friends on the internet and ranks and traffic will come building a sustainable article marketing business for you.

Sean Mize wrote 24.600+ articles for Ezine Articles, if he spends the next years getting links to his articles, he will probably be a millionaire two years from now with all the traffic Google sends him with keywords about article marketing.

The most important part is not spending time only searching for the best products because the best products are easy to find, it is Amazon Associates the top class affiliate network.

There are individual products that are worth promoting from time to time but they come with the disadvantage of having to change your strategy to sell them. If you focus on Amazon you already know what you have to write about to keep the reader loyal and buying on Amazon using your links.

Is article marketing here to stay?



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