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Is It Good Being Addicted To Writing?

Updated on February 8, 2012

A few years ago I read an interview to a female journalist who said she was addicted to news. She could not go anywhere without buying a newspaper and she could not stop working on news. She wanted to get more news day and night, edit them and publish them.

I know some people who have the same addction but instead of being addicted to news, they are addicted to write.

Is it that so bad?

1. Writing more makes you more money on the internet. If you write a blog just for you, then being addicted to writing is bad because you reap no rewards with your effort, but if you share the blog with the world and if you get enough readers, you can make money as well as you can have fun.

2. Writing every day all day is great for your brain, it makes brain cells grow faster, make the brain cells make more connections and also makes they improve the existing connections with each other. did you know that people who study more have a better brain in old age and less chances of suffering brain diseases?

3. Writing as an addiction will make you a lot of friends if you share your blog. There are readers from all walks of life who like to read and with a huge blog you will become very popular.

Keep writing but ensure that your writing is profitable!

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