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Is It Time to Quit Your Job?

Updated on July 23, 2011
Is this a good reason to quit your job?
Is this a good reason to quit your job? | Source

Are you feeling trapped in your job? Is your cubicle closing in? It's pretty hard to ignore those feelings of being caged in; like you are stagnating and not getting anywhere. Yes, it pays the bills, but you can feel your spirit shutting down with the lack of approval from bosses, the low morale in the work environment, and the idea in the back of your head that time is getting away from you, that you are spending the best years of your life working at a dead end job, just waiting to retire so that you can sit at home and do nothing.

I used to feel the exact same way. I was working 40 hours per week at a desk job for the government. I knew there was no opportunity for advancement but this is a small town and good jobs are hard to find. I gave advice to others on how to find good jobs, but I had a lot of difficulty applying that in my own life. I was supposed to find satisfaction in helping others to improve their lives by the services I provided for them. But the same people kept coming in to see me who seemed perfectly content to just eke out a living. I wanted more than that. Yes, I paid the bills and lived for the weekend, but the stress never really goes away. In my cubicle I daydreamed about running away. Oh, I disguised it under the category of "Where would I travel to if I could afford it?" But I knew it was the desire to escape the oppressive job I was in.

So I made plans to quit my job. I found two part time jobs that I felt would take care of the income, and I made plans to go back to college for my Master's. I've always been pretty healthy, but the week after I quit I got the flu and didn't really get back on my feet for about a month. It was horrible. I kept berating myself that if I were still with my former job, I would have health insurance and sick days. Now I had neither. I was working two part time jobs just like the majority of people in this country with the end result of no hours worked equals no pay. I missed the deadline to get into school and had to put it off for another semester. I was getting pretty discouraged because not only was I really spinning my wheels with going back to school which would have made me feel like I was improving my life, but now bills were coming due that I could not pay and services were being shut off. I could barely pay the basics, and those were always late.

Changing Your Life

Only you can decide when you've had enough. Although I missed the money and security of my previous employment, it did not challenge me enough. I did not feel fulfilled or satisfied. I kept feeling trapped, like my life was passing me by. It has taken several months to begin to get back on my feet, to even feel normal again. Things are getting back on track finally. Would I do it again? I honestly don't know, because the struggle was pretty hard. I do wish I had chosen differently straight out of college, though. I might have looked a little harder to find work that was more suited to who I am as a person. I know that one of the most important needs I have as an individual is my need to be constantly learning. But the only way you can learn information like this about yourself is through experience.

Ask yourself: What will my life be like the month after I quit this job? Do I have other income in place so that I can continue to pay my bills and have money for the lifestyle I want to live? Are there other people that count on me to take care of them financially, and if so, how do they feel about my quitting? Is there some other way I can satisfy my need to be creative, or to feel fulfilled that will allow me to stay in my present job? Sometimes staying is just not worth it. But weigh the pros and cons carefully. Only you can answer the question: Is it time to quit my job?


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    • jderb52 profile image

      jderb52 6 years ago from Oklahoma

      Thanks for the positive feedback gmw!I know there are thousands out there who feel the same. I'm so glad you found writing as a creative outlet--it has been a real spirit-saver for me!

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      This is a great hub. I, too, worked for the government for twenty-six years. I should have quit twenty five years ago. Civil service and I do not mix. I am creative and unconventional while civil service employment can be described as "gray" and "colorless". I hate the environment and the drone like employees. Even though I gained promotions, I still do not respect the jobs and felt that they were beneath me. Well, that attitude caught up with me and I got sick of the job and stayed home. Eventually, I got fired because I was out sick a lot; however, I got my pension and am writing. As I said before, I should have quit and done something more creative. Again, great hub.