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Is ‘Pokemon Go’ the next big thing in Digital Marketing, Advertising & Branding?

Updated on July 25, 2016

It is hard to believe that there can be at least one millennial- who is not aware of the ‘Pokemon’. Back in the 90s when Nintendo released the ‘Pokemon’ game, it was the second most popular game ever played; second only to ‘Mario’- one of the best creation of Nintendo itself. However, Mario lost its popularity with the rolling of Pokemon comics and cartoon series. Rest is all the history that we know!

Now, again with the launch of ‘Pokemon Go’- an Augmented Reality based game, ‘Pokemon’ has once again topped the charts leaving behind all the social media giants like Twitter, FaceBook, SnapChat, Pinterest and much more. Though, ‘Pokemon Go’ is pouring 1.6 million dollars a day to Niantic’s pocket; it is just the pie of the cake. The other PIE is Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Branding. More money around x-fold is going to be poured in Niantic’s bank account. John Hanke formed Niantic in 2010 who was a core member in the development of Google Maps and Google Earth.

Let us see how businesses and entrepreneurs are capitalising by leveraging ‘Pokemon Go’, which is emerging as the most disruptive Digital Marketing channel. See how it is topping the charts!

User statistics of POKEMON GO rising rapidly.
User statistics of POKEMON GO rising rapidly.

Pokestops: the next big thing in Digital Marketing

It is the ‘Pokestops’ that makes the game very innovative and the potent grabbing element for Digital Marketers, Advertisers and Brand creators. For clarity, Pokestops leverages GPS.

POKESTOPS- the critical element of Pokemon GO.
POKESTOPS- the critical element of Pokemon GO.

But, what are Pokestops and how businesses can benefit from it?

Pokestops are the part of the game that are historical landmarks or real public places like Parks, Restaurants, Gyms, and Churches & Temples and can be an even mall. They pop up (in the form of blue squares) when a gamer is nearby such public places. The crucial part of the game- to be at the Pokestops, is that that in-game item like Poke Balls, Eggs, Potions are only found at these blue squares. These in-game items are available for ‘free’ at such Pokestops; so to avoid real-money purchases for such in-game items, ‘Pokemon Go’ gamers constantly seeks these blue squares.

Do I need to tell more that how Pokestops are the next big thing in Digital Marketing? Have a look at some real examples where Digital Marketing strategy of the big corporate houses and even small ones have already started to leverage ‘Pokestops’ as Digital Marketing and Advertising channel.

What will you choose at McDonalds? Pokeeggs or McBurgers?
What will you choose at McDonalds? Pokeeggs or McBurgers?

McDonalds is in talks with the Niantic to develop itself as the world’s first sponsored Pokestops. So next time you might be having French Fries and Coke while having Poke balls or Potions for your virtual self on ‘Pokemon Go.’

‘Pokemon Go’ Lure Model as Retail Branding

While there are plenty of Digital Marketing opportunities; Digital Retail Branding through the viral Augmented Reality game can’t be ignored.

While ‘Pokemon Go’ has led to many accidents (like fall from the cliff, accident while driving a car and even missed gun-shot by some when gamers accidently entered the private properties and retail stores for being misunderstood as burglars), at the same time there are many foresighted businesses and entrepreneurs who are taking the advantage of ‘Pokemon Go’ for Retail Branding by increasing foot-in customer traffic.

Lure Model is nothing but just another form of leveraging Pokestops. A New York based Pizzeria witnessed the 75% increase in customer traffics at its restro, by just investing $10. Similarly, many of the restaurants around the world are defining themselves as Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms.

Google Adwords CPC v/s Pokemon Go Cost per Visit Model

Well, every e-commerce is familiar with the CPC model. While Cost-per-Click is popular marketing model on the internet, ‘POKEMON Go’ has given birth to Digital Cost-per-Visit Marketing Model.

Niantic very soon is going to begin the ‘Sponsored Locations’. Obviously, how can Niantic ignore such a potential and lucrative revenue generation stream? Through this model, a business can advertise on the ‘Pokemon Go’ game, and, as soon as the gamer visits such sponsored location, the owner (Of the respective sponsored location)will credit Niantic’s bank account.

‘Sponsored Locations’ model is same as Google Adwords model of CPC (cost-per-click); however as ‘Pokemon Go’ is an Augmented Reality game where physical and virtual world overlaps- ‘Cost per VISIT’ model is followed.

Now, physical businesses like supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants etc can leverage this new disruptive Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Branding Channel: that was not rational for such businesses to go for the internet based Online Digital Marketing.

Create ‘Pokemon Gym’ to drive more foot-in customer traffic

If you have played ‘Pokemon Go’, you very well know or will know that ‘trainers’ can join any of the three teams which are Team INSTINCT (YELLOW), MYSTIC Team (BLUE), and VALOR team (RED). In the game, these three teams are in so-called ‘war’ with each other to conquest ‘Pokemon Gym.’ ‘CitySen’ Lounge’ located at Michigan has begun to take advantage of it, in a unique way to increase customers at their lounge. See below image and guess!

Citysen PokeGym discount offer.
Citysen PokeGym discount offer.

Therefore, calling upon gamers to be part of the trainer team and giving them ‘discounts’ is a great idea that CitySense Lounge came up with. Not only this, businesses are coming up with ideas for Pokemon Gym.

To end, businesses and entrepreneurs whether are big corporate houses, popular chains, or small retails shops and lounges are already in a race to capitalize on the viral-ity of ‘Pokemon Go.’ If you are still ignoring the game changer of Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Branding for your business, then you may miss the train and by the time, your competitor may already have reaped the benefits of ‘Pokemon Go’ leaving no scope for you. Be the first to benefit from innovation rather than be to a ‘Laggard’.

Without any doubt ‘Pokemon Go’ has emerged as the most disruptive and next big thing in the world of Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Branding apart from the highest downloaded app currently. is the Digital Marketing, Advertising, and Branding Company who with its top creative minds delivers the strategy to take advantage of POKEMON GO to increase the consumer traffic with unique, fresh and original ‘Pokemon Go’ Digital Marketing, Advertising and Branding strategy.


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