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Is There Something Wrong With You?

Updated on October 6, 2012

Why is The Law of Attraction Not Working For Me?

How many times have you asked yourself that question? Why can't I lose weight? Why can't I make money? What is wrong with me?!

What I, and alot of others, have done is to go and try to "fix" myself. Maybe once I get "fixed", then the law of attraction will work for me! If I could only get rid of these past problems, everything will be great!

I have to give credit to Derek Rydall for assisting me in this breakthrough. For many years, I have had limited success with the law of attraction. I managed to create and attract a good bit of money. I had a nice house, 2 Mercedes Benz, and an SUV. I then attracted my wife. She is everything that I dreamed about. But then, the money attraction started to dry up. It seemed like I could not get it going again.

So,, I went about trying to fix myself. Was there something in my past that was holding me back? Was I holding on to these "limiting" beliefs that so many gurus speak about? I went about trying different techniques to try to get rid of past experiences and thoughts. I had limited success, yet it was still not what it once was! I then had a break through moment while listening to a webinar by Derek Rydall.

He stated that the main reason why people are not able to get the Law of Attraction work for them is that they are coming from the wrong "place". They are coming from the place that they believe they are broken. That there is something wrong with them they need to fix and that everything they are not getting is a result of them not being right.

Believing that we do not have something triggers an automatic belief that we are coming from a place of lack or that there is something wrong with us that we do not have it. I took a long look at these ideas and they started to make sense to me. Not only from a practical sense, but also a biblical sense.

If I believe (like most people) that I was created in the image of God, then I have everything necessary to obtain whatever I wish and to become whomever I want to become. Now, that right there shifted my "point of attraction" to a 100% positive point. The immediate feeling of abundance poured over me and I began to feel better about everything.

If you are a person who wants the law of attraction to work, have a look at where you are coming from. Esther and Jerry hicks refer to this as your point of attraction. Tap into the fact that you already "have" everything you require and you are not broken! This will make your journey much easier and you will attract what you desire.

The Law of Emergence

Free Ecourse

Derek Rydall is giving a free ecourse on the law of emergence. The details are in the video in this HUB. My recommendation is to get his course. Enjoy!


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